Hey honey! I'm Chary ! I help clarify the gem that is your personal style. In a world that praises the diamond for perfection, be an emerald-- striking, quirky and distinctive in appearance. Find your "distinctive" style here at EGC by looking around and seeing what you like. 



Having a style that authentically speaks to your true personality can be difficult. As a blogger, I offer my wealth of knowledge that help you start your unique style conversation. As a personal stylist and personal shopper, I take that knowledge and apply it  during hands on consultations and courses specifically catered to each client I serve. I also craft polished looks based on the client's specification.  As an author, I provide style tips in a simple, direct style that allows the reader to tap into their inner preferences and define what style means to them. 

All photography provided by Roy Kenneth Miller



Learn more about the woman behind EGC and the mission that fuels her passion for style. 

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