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I'm so glad that you've decided to stop by. There's not much to me--I'm a singer who loves all things beauty, style, and affordable. I live in Chicago with my Husband while we both pursue our own perspective careers in classical music. (He plays saxophone.) Pursuing a career in classical music helped create this very blog.  As a classical singer, I constantly had to adhere to the conservative taste in the industry  while trying to keep my unique personality present. I hated shopping, style and felt like the rules of style were overwhelming.  I finally cracked the code once I accepted my quirks and realize the value in them. My quirks were the key to my style. It was only then that I dressed impeccably and authentically no matter the occasion.  Friends,family and colleagues took notice and began to come to me with their own style frustrations. Always wanting to help, I started EGC to have the answers and tips all in one place as a source of inspiration. It has grown to become so much more. 


My Mission

My mission is to help people create a wardrobe that they love and a style that truly represents who they are. I provide EGC as a resource for other women trying to find their personality in fashion on their terms.They can have that regardless of age, shape, weight, social class or budget. In a world full diamonds, emeralds also deserve to know their worth. 

I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live.
— Grace Jones, Singer-Songwriter






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