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All photography provided by Roy Kenneth Miller

All photography provided by Roy Kenneth Miller

I'm so glad that you've decided to stop by. There's not much to me--I'm a singer who loves all things beauty, style, and affordable. I live in Chicago with my Husband while we both pursue our own respective careers in classical music. (He plays saxophone.) Pursuing a career in classical music helped create this very blog.  As a classical singer, I constantly had to adhere to the conservative taste in the industry  while trying to keep my unique personality present. I hated shopping, style and felt like the rules of style were overwhelming.  I finally cracked the code once I accepted my quirks and realize the value in them. My quirks were the key to my style. It was only then that I dressed impeccably and authentically no matter the occasion.  Friends,family and colleagues took notice and began to come to me with their own style frustrations. Always wanting to help, I started EGC to have the answers and tips all in one place as a source of inspiration. It has grown to become so much more.  


My Mission

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs create a style that represents their unique brands and businesses. I provide EGC as a resource for them to define style on their terms. In a world full diamonds, emeralds also deserve to know their worth. 

I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live.
— Grace Jones, Singer-Songwriter

My focus on entrepreneurs came from my own journey as an entrepreneur. As I built my growing style empire, my business owner friends consistently came to me in need of style for events, conferences and photoshoots. It became obvious that many business owners suffer from lack of image branding and recognizable style that are extensions are their boss lady brands. Now I offer my services to entrepreneurs who run small and mid size business so that they can expand the businesses with style as awesome as they are. 







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