You're a vibrant, radiant gem and yet your clothes are telling the world a different story. The clothes you wear have catfished the world and you into believing that  are someone you never have or will be. You hate the clothes you wear, but they make you feel safe. Why not let your clothes make you feel as fabulous as you are? Why are you trying to hide behind ill fitted, boring clothing? It's time to reclaim your identity and leave those catfishing days behind!


if you want to reclaim your identity & style, this webinar is for you!


This webinar is for the woman who:

  • Feels defeated every time she gets dressed
  • Tired of misrepresenting her beautiful spirt with ugly clothes
  • Wants more confidence & a style that matches
  • Needs to reintroduce herself and the world to who she really is
  • Wants to stop being invisible 
  • Wants more from her life and wardrobe


In this webinar, I not only provide you with every one of those wants, but give you the tools to begin the journey the original you-- a woman who knows, shows & grows her worth without apology. A woman who celebrates her body as worthy of only the best clothes. If that's where you want to be, sign up and join me Sunday @ 4pm CST. If you can't make it, still sign up and catch the replay plus a few bonuses. (You know I can't just not give you a little something before you go) See you in your inbox!


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