Egchronicles #005: The Carousel epiphany

This day we decided to take pictures. But we were a little tired of using the same locations. I called my mom and she suggested that we go to the carousel at one of the local malls.

At first I thought it was silly because we were definitely both adults and we definitely did not have children. It seemed like a random suggestion, but I’ve always learned my mom has a bigger picture sometimes I cannot see. We head over to the mall with a trunk full of clothes and a willingness to wing it.

I had a bunch of black-and-white pieces and decided to mix-and-match to see what I could get. And then we walked into the mall and I got distracted. Lol.


Top: SHEIN (similar) | Skirt: Thrifted | Jacket: SHEIN

In my defense there were a lot of great sales and a lot of cute clothes. It’s like bringing a kid in a candy store and expecting them not to look. I did stay on my best behavior and only window shopped in the mall while sending pics to clients. The planned photo shoot really turned out to be my husband and I just eating Cinnabon’s while walking around and talking about our move to Texas in a few years. Then we saw it. The glorious carousel.

I remember having a carousel in the mall of my hometown, but nothing this glam. It was multi leveled and had a velvet lined booth with diva lights. Once I locked eyes on that booth I knew my husband and I had to navigate and get on that carousel. The only problem was it was definitely geared towards parents Who wanted to burn off some of the sugar they just fed their kids from the food court. So Ryan and I reluctantly walked up and asked if we could ride. The carousel operator look at us weird and said of course it’s for everyone. We instantly felt goofy. Here we were about to talk ourselves out of something fabulous and fun because of self imposed rules. Imagine that. We shook it off, paid the tokens and got to the carousel. Of course I made a beeline for the booth and the fun began.

Top: SHEIN (similar) | Skirt: Thrifted | Jacket: SHEIN

Yes there were many parents who began giving us looks once they realized we didn’t have little ones but became more supportive once I tapped into my inner Naomi Campbell as the carousel started turning. In those moments I was care free, giggling and letting my braids fly in the wind. Once the carousel ended , I decided I didn’t want that feeling to end.


Top: SHEIN (similar) | Skirt: Thrifted | Jacket: SHEIN

*sigh* Mama was right. I needed that carousel. She knew I was a little high strung, but that goofy inner child is always looking for a few moments of fun. I took those moments and spent the rest of the day pic free, plan free and care free. I was working 80 hours a week and riding on fumes. It was okay to take one day and let it pass me by.

Trust yourself enough to know when a previously untraveled path may be the best choice. Sometimes that means pushing yourself to do more. Sometimes less. Whatever it is, listen to your mind and body. Be transparent enough to know when you need a break and when to break from your usual needs.

How do you manage your life’s adventures?


How to shop at SHEIN pt.2 | Shopping tips

I'm continuing my conversation about how to shop at SHEIN. I want to remind you that if you have not already, start at Part 1. It goes into you should probably realize before stepping foot onto the website. I fully believe in preparation before you dive in. It's now time to dive into Part 2.




No really. Pay attention to the material description. Many fast fashion websites use very thin materials for a lot of their fashion. So if you see them saying it has no give, see-through, thin, be aware of this fact. Also pay attention to close ups of the models. You will see the lighting in the picture sometimes makes the materials thin looking. I wouldn't take a chance on very thin material. I tried to ignore the thin material red flags on the product page, and I paid for it. Luckily SHEIN has a very great return policy for those of you who live in the US. 

size chart.JPG


Understand that the comment section is not regulated. That means everyone's opinion is put on as is. Especially bad comments. Look into the comment sections for women to share their unfiltered opinions. You can really find some great tips. You might even find me Chiming in once or twice. I sauggest organizing the comments with pictures first. There are many different body types. So if you can find someone who commented with a picture that has a similar body type as yours, you struck gold. As a plus-size woman I've noticed that many more plus size women like myself are in the comments saying if it's plus size approved or not. These are not plus size women who are size 12-14. In fact I look out for one woman who is a size 26.She is able to tell you how it looks on a body with a large belly over the size of 24. There are more of those women popping up and I appreciate it.. Also think about always leaving comments with pictures on the product page. Not only will you be helping someone else, but you will also earn points that can be applied for discounts to purchase Don't overlook this part it really does make a difference. 

WORK THE POINT SYSTEM has a simplistic point system. Each dollar you spend is worth 1 point. Once you receive your items, you will receive the opportunity to earn more points. If you go into your orders and click review, you can review each piece for up to 30 points, if you include pictures. I suggest again to take pictures of the product if you can. If it does not fit, you can post a picture of it hanging on a hanger to show the material. That will still be accepted. So let’s break it down.

If you buy 10 pieces that cost around $89, you receive 89 points at the point of sale. Once you receive the items, you can receive an additional 300 points for every review and upload photos. That would give you a potential total of 389 points or $3.89 off your next purchase. If you plan on being a regular shopper here, those points add up very fast. Check out the system here for a breakdown of how that point system works. 


One of the most important pieces of information is to pay attention to the product page. It will always tell you whether the piece has stretch or not. It will also tell you the material makeup of the product. It will also now tell you the size and height of the model. All of this information will give you a better understanding of how it would look on you. Most of the models are at least 6 to 10 in taller than I am. I know it may work its way evenly on my body. Because I have a shorter, wider frame, the material will hike up. So keeping that in mind I go for longer skirts or dresses. I have a shorter torso so I know if I want to turn a piece into a crop top, it has to be longer. It's little things like this that allow me to navigate past those really cute but not for me pieces.

Understand and embrace the natural contours of your body. Trying to work against it will have you frustrated and upset that something did not work out. Your body has clear proportions and clear characteristics. They are not going to be the same as the ones in the picture. All the more reason for you to pay attention to the product page. It's going to be in the details. It will tell you the percentages and if it stretches. For me stretch is very important. So if a piece already looks a little snug and I see it in the description box that it has little to no stretch, I promptly pass. If you want a piece that bad, just wait a while. It will come back in some variation and you can have it the way that you want it. 

These are great tips for you to go and see exactly what you want at she in. Have you tried SHEIN yet? Have you been pleased us far? If any of these tips have been useful let me know which one was most useful in the comments below. 


How to shop at SHEIN Pt.1 | Shopping tips

In recent years, has become one of the more prominent sources of fast fashion. But with the popularity also comes skepticism. We have all seen the horror stories of people buying one thing and receiving something quite different. But I am a Shein pro.. I have been shopping with them for about five years at this point and I can tell what to do and avoid some of the pitfalls I fell for when I first started shopping. 


Open front Plaid coat


One of the best tips I can give you is to actually be realistic about the fast fashion that you ordered. Fast-fashion does not mean low quality but it does mean that they are trendy pieces that were only meant to be offered for one or maybe two seasons. For this reason, you're not going to get the same craftsmanship in this piece as you're going to get into maybe a luxury piece. It doesn't mean that you can't find great quality. It does that you just have to adjust your expectations. 

The pictures used are sometimes of models with great lighting who have no body fat. As a plus size woman I don't expect it to look the same on me. In fact, I'm banking on it looking nothing like it does when the model. It may seem counterproductive, but it's not. I know I have a different body type than most of the models on that website. I also know that I'm larger than the plus size models. It's just to give me a framework of how the pieces cut and framed. 


Top | Pants

KNOW THEIR RETURN POLICY WELL has one of the best and easiest return policies of any website that I have shopped on. It's part of the reason why I trust them enough to take a chance on some of the pieces. If you live in the United States, on your order page you simply mark pieces that you want to return.  You'll detail if they're too big/small or did not fit quite right. Then in about 24 hours you will be sent a postage stamp. You print it off and put it on the package. You only have to leave your home to ship it off or have it scheduled for pick up. It wast about a week on average for me to receive a refund. 




Understand that sizing systems are a place where expectations will never be met. It has no reflection on you. The number in the tag is irrelevant. The only reason for reference to the sizing chart is knowing where your measurements come in handy. 

It is very easy to become confused with shopping for your “size”. Accept this fact to be true-- while shopping on SheIn, the size that you usually order rarely matters when shopping on this website. One size XL will be another piece’s 5xl. I have over 20 pieces from SheIn and maybe 4  of them have the same size. I usually have to go to the largest size offered anyway, so I don't care what the tag says. I care how it fits.

 You are proving nothing to yourself trying to stick to your usual XL. Sometimes you will be a 5xl sometimes you will be a large. It depends on the cut of the piece and your measurements. That is why I always advise going according to your body's natural measurements. This is the waist, bust, and hip measurements. Use these numbers to navigate the sizing chart of each piece you want to buy. You can't just go off of one piece and then think that's a one-size-fit-all sizing for everything. Each page has a different sizing chart. Be mindful of this, and you succeed more often than not. 

This is just part 1. Part 2 that I'm covering next week on the blog is going deeper into details about the pieces themselves. There are so many tools you can use I still have issues from time to time. But extremely low percentage. Stay tuned for next week's tips so that you can become an expert at shopping best websites. 


Plus Size Lookbook| 3 Ways 2 Slay | 3W2S: Print blouse feat. SHEIN

When I first purchased this shirt from Shein, I knew I had to style it a few different ways. It's so quirky that it inspires me to just try things. It was the perfect choice for three ways to slay in my mind.

Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

The first look is something that I consider bold on bold. Now bold means different things to different people. But to me bold means the unapologetic assertion of a choice. I looked into what I could do to make the colors pop without being too busy. Sometimes a look can be unfocused without visual anchors. I opted for solid color "anchor". I love that this look accentuates my waist without being tight. Often people think that accentuating something means having floodlights and big and neon arrows pointing to it. It doesn't. It's acknowledging that it's there with proportions and the cut of different fabrics. This look does that simply but effectively. To contrast all the beautiful colors, I decided on a vibrant fire truck red pant. Together it was a no-brainer. I have a new go-to look.

Shirt: SHEIN | Skirt: SHEIN

The second look to me was something that had to be done. This shirt screams mixed print look. I opted for highlighting one of the minor colors within the pattern. It just so happened to be black. So I thought why not pair it with a simple pattern based in black. That's where the skirt comes in. It's a simple addition that works with a quirky shirt. What I like about this look is that it is not the most form-fitting outfit, but it still is flattering. I combined opposing things. Loose shirt, fitted skirts; bold print, minimal print. The pairing of opposites made the look come together.

Shirt: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: RAINBOWS (similiar)

I think the power of this third look is that it seems as though these two don't go till they do. I love that the deep color and the textured fabric doesn't take away from the print or try to compete. It does, however, have a standout power of its own. I love to layer a jumpsuit underneath or above a shirt. You don't have to pair jumpsuits with dusters or coats. like anything else in my closet, it must be adaptable. And with this beautiful piece, it is definitely possible. The best things about each piece compliment the opposite in the other. That deep rich velvet makes each of those colors pop. Those colors in that fabric bring out the texture of that velvet within the jumpsuit. It's like peanut butter and jelly pairing. It just works.

Which look was your favorite? Let me know because I’m honestly stuck on choosing my fave.



Egchronicles 004#: Checkout lane chic

I opened the fridge for breakfast and realize that there was nothing to have. Good. Grocery shopping day it is. I meal prep and I often cook shoes for last week 3 or 4 days at the time. It's for time management purposes and I hate cooking over a hot stove every day and the sweltering heat that Florida brings. So off to the grocery store.

I thought "oh nothing too serious to wear, it's just a grocery store." Then I stopped myself. If a client were to say that same thing to me, what would I say? I would address it and remind them that no matter where they're going, it's not about the destination; it's about the person that you're celebrating. So you celebrate you at all times.


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

I had to check myself and decided hey why not try something new. I picked up this great print shirt from SHEIN and knew immediately I had to style it ASAP. So I paired it with some bold red pants, polka dot shoes and walked out the door. It just so happened that my mom was outside waiting on my brother. Of course, I go to her car and the first thing she asked me is the same thing most people, including family, ask-- "Where are you going? You're dressed so nicely." I think they would expect this from me, but it never ceases to happen every single time I get dressed. I respond "to the grocery store" to which my mom responds "of course" before she giggles. The conversation struck a nerve.

Most people believe that you put in effort only when there is a special occasion. I am the special occasion, therefore, I'm always worth dressing for. I don't dress up. I simply get dressed. I don't care if I'm going to the grocery store or to the Met Gala. I'm going to step outside my absolute best even at the gym. Not anything outlandish but something well put together to celebrate me and my body where it is. Not the body that could be. Not where the body used to be. Where it is now. There isn't a grocery trip, birthday party or any event that doesn't get me there at my absolute best dressed. Now to turn this pasta aisle into a runway............


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

Do you find yourself wearing more "who's going to notice" than "I'm going to notice" ensembles? If so, it's time to get some clarity and purpose for your image with the 10 piece capsule. 10 pieces that are great for the grocery store to cocktail hour and everything in between. A system that sets you up for success every time with overflowing combinations. Let's get you checkout chic in no time. Schedule your consult and make the most of every trip outside your door.




Series | 10 Websites for the Plus Size Stylista | Vol.1: Shoes

The complaint from many of the plus size women I speak with are the same-- There is no place to shop for the plus-size woman. Not only is that not true, that is completely untrue. The true problem is that many plus size women don't like to shop online. But here's a secret: Every place that you could think catering to plus-size women are primarily online.

Gone are the days of the brick-and-mortar experience being the only way to find pieces that fit your taste and your personal style. I talked about the benefits of shopping online in a previous article. The gist of it all was that you get to shop in your pajamas, better return policies and more options than you can ever find in your local mall or shopping center. Not everyone lives in a big town and not everyone has access to these big stores. Many plus-size sections are not even in stores and or are relegated to a corner with selections that are the 10 seasons old. You don't have to settle. You do have to accept that many of your options are online. So what better way to show you then to share a few of the hundred websites that I have found in my time styling plus size women. Today we start with shoes size 10+. I share 10 of my favorite finds below. 

  1. Long Tall Sally

  • Sizes 4-20

  • Great for finding special sized shoes

  • For the tall stylista

  • Up to size 15 in shoes 

What I love about this site is that it offers more than the everyday shoe. No longer are you relegated to only blacks and browns. You have the option of different patterns, textures and styles of shoe that everyone can wear up to a size 15. They have revamped their pricing system, options, and check out process making it easier and a better experience for everyone. 

2. Crispin shoes ($$$-$$$$$)

  • Luxury footwear for larger feet

  • Sizes 10-13.5 shoes

  • For the stylista who wants some spice in her footwear

  • London based

3. Sinful Dreamz Shoes

  • Sexy heels and boots for the stylista who wants some fun

  • Heels from 3”-8” +

  • Goes up to Size 16 shoes

These are no ordinary shoes. These shoes are sky-high. Most of them are patent leather. They are not for the faint of heart (or ankle). What size is going up to 16, you can be sure to find your favorite shoe.

4. Staavias ($$$)

  • Quirky, funky  shoes for larger feet

  • Size 10- 14

  • Payment plans available 

  • Review on most products from other customers

5. Eileen Fischer

  • Great for the minimal fashionista who likes black and looser fits

  • Size 0-24 W

  • Also sells shoes up to 12 and accessories

6. Shoe Mall ($$)

  • Up to Size 15 shoes 

  • Free shipping

7. Samanta Shoes ($$)

  • Up to size 15

  • Free shipping in US

8. Lonia Shoes ($$-$$$)

  • Sign up and receive 25% off

  • Up to size 15

This is the source for the Divas shoe. They have bold colors, multiple styles and anything else to fit your fabulous needs. What I love most about this site is not only the sizing, but also the variety of styles. They make sure that size is not an indicator of options. 

9. J. Renee ($$-$$$)

  • Up to size 15

  • Sign up and receive 25%

10. Elanor Anukam ($$-$$$)

  • Luxury footwear

  • Up to size 13

These are just 10 of the 25 websites in volume one of my website series. You can grab your copy here and get more fabulous places to shop. Let me know what type of websites you want me to share. Volume 2 is already underway.


SAM_2740 (1).JPG

Daily Self Love Checklist | Confidence & Self Love

I recently talked about “The gift” on my podcast, focusing on self-care. I believe your overall wellness will help improve every aspect of your life, including your style and confidence. That starts with a standard. So where do you begin? You begin small and build small consistently.

I created a short checklist called the G.E.M  checklist to keep those thoughts and sense of self-care up to a high standard. There are a few benefits of this, most importantly being always having a check in list to make sure that you are loving your best self in the best way,  the authentic way.

  • Create a checklist to help you keep yourself accountable

  • Refer to it as often as you need it

  • Recommended daily for at least 3 weeks then two to three times a week

So what are you waiting for? Grab your daily checklist and get yourself back on track.


I also delve deeper into self love and confidence building in the first of my 6 part training, The Stylista Blueprint. Grab your seat and let’s get the inner work done.


PETITE BIJOU logos (1).png

EGchronicles #002: A case for the bold and loose

In my conversations with clients, I have noticed a unfortunate trend. In an effort to be curvaceous, stylish, or anything akin to feminine, the preference is for something tight and discreet. Not because It's the actual preference. It's because it's the celebrated preference. You know the type. The pin-up look. The Instagram model look. The perfect chiseled curves even in plus-size bodies. I call the plus-size version the safe fat version. Tight, fitted clothes to the silhouette to show how womanly you can be. There's nothing wrong with this being your preference because it fits your aesthetic. There is a huge problem with it being your preference because you want to maintain with something you don't identify with. But you fear missing out on it. So why not lead the charge for embracing looser clothing boldy? Then came this dress.


Dress: Shein

This dress comes in a boxy cut. For most women it’s intimidating because it instantly implies that the shape of the wearer will be boxy as well. But I can't see this as a problem. Many focus on being shapely almost to the point of obsession. I've had to come to terms with it myself, even while buying this dress. I wanted to get it taken in and then I would have taken a picture of it. I was even going to create a post about getting things tailored with a before-and-after. While I still believe tailoring is necessary, some pieces aren’t necessary.


Dress: Shein

I had to check myself. How can I preach adaptability, accepting one's body, and all things style if I can't follow my own rules? I had to check the source of these red flags. Me. What I found was that I was gripping with a change in my body again. And this time it didn't feel as comfortable as it had in the past. My body is changing in ways that, as I get older, I don't quite understand. And we all know what happens when we don't understand. We flare up instantly dislike it. It's human nature. The fear of the unknown. But in this winging it / experimental phase of My Life & Style Journey, I'm going to do something different;embrace it.

So I got this dress and about four more pieces like it. Not tailoring it but knowing that it will still fit my body be my personal style preference and still look lovely. Embrace looseness and wear it boldy. What’s the worst that can happen ? You may like it.


So Many Options..png

3W2S: Velvet Skirt

When I first saw the skirt, I simply said “Velvet, old velvet, will you be mine?” I love velvet.  The fabric exudes elegance to me. And in this experimental phase of my style, I decided that I'm going to add as much velvet to my wardrobe as I can stand in this Florida weather. So when I found this velvet skirt it checks all the boxes-- long, frilly and fun.


The first look is so simple. Simple has always made an impact to me. After all simple never means boring; it just means fundamental. This white bumblebee shirt is my favorite white tee at the moment. So of course throw it on with anything and it's an instant fun, flirty look. I’ve also been experimenting with my earrings. I decided to go with just the slightest pot of color and a little Fringe to add yet another layer of texture to the look.


The second look is honestly my attempt at experimenting and I must be honest. I'm having mixed feelings. I love making long skirts into dresses by simply pulling them over my bust and putting on some sort of outerwear for a different look. But the waist on this one seemed a little tighter around my bust, making it a little awkward. Although I think the look can work, I don't think it quite works with this skirt. It's not for lack of trying. How else would I know it didn't work unless I tried it out? I still included it with the three ways to slay because although I don't like it, maybe it can still be an inspiration to others. In terms of style, I don't believe in mistakes, just lessons.  


My husband says that this third look is part cigarette smoker,part fortune teller. After I giggled hysterically, I must say that I agree. It still looks cute, so I still decided to wear it and put it up. I'm all about having fun and having a laugh at yourself. Style is a very important part of who you are and what you have to say, but it should not be so serious that you can't even breathe a little. This velvet skirt and long cheetah print combo is a type of print mixing. If you know that you aren’t quite comfortable with print, try a texture. It'll have the same effect. Whether or not you can successfully tell fortunes, is another blog post all together. lol.

Ciao for Now

So Many Options..png

EGchronicles #001: Mama and Me

At this point in my life I am starting to embrace the wing-it of it all. Adulthood is stressful enough and I'm really at the space where I'm willing to let a little Randomness come into my well planned life. This meant that I woke up one day and decided I was going to take pictures for the next 3 days and I wanted my mom to come along with me for the ride. Although unlike me, my mother obliged My random last minute request.So it was settled I would take pictures for my blog and website and that would be that. So when she came over and she asked what were my plans, I had to be honest and tell her I did not know LOL.


Dress- Shein | Shoes- Ashley Stewart (Similar)

I embraced winging it so I didn't really have a plan I have enough clothes. I can make some outfits work.  I could create a theme around it. So the first day I decided let's take some pictures with dresses. At this point in my style journey, I'm really into experimenting, and I’m embracing that as a reflection of my life.. I picked four dresses and we walked out the door not knowing our destination or how we would style this photo shoot.

I decided to go to a new park and I thought yeah, this is going to work out. But embracing my “winging  it” came at a cost. I picked four dresses, but I didn't quite look at the weather forecast. Once my husband / photographer start clicking that button, I soon realized that the dresses I picked were a little hotter than I expected for a day that was also hotter than I expected. I was sweating and I was also starting to complain, but then I looked at my mom. She was smiling  at me as if I were winning a Grammy or something. I was simply taking pictures. Then it hit me-- my mom was just happy to see me happy; to see me try anything. And us just spending moments together that had no other rhyme or reason other than being in each other's presence. I realized deep down that's why I wanted her to come with me.


Dress- Shein | Shoes- Ashley Stewart (Similar)

I usually never ask her to come with me. Not because I don't like her presence. I always feel like she's busy and she wouldn't want to come. It was once I looked over at her I was going to wave my white flag in defeat that I realized this is a moment she is going to cherish. It's a moment that I cherish as well.


Honestly I haven't been close to home for a very long time ever since I was 18. I left home and it was at least six hours away. I've only lived close to my parents in the last 2 years and my mom has cherished every moment of it. Looking over at her I wanted to cherish the moment as well. So I pushed through. My usual planner,strict schedule self just functioned straight from emotion and my deepest desire was to be close to my mom. We got four looks the first day, two looks the second day and by the third day I was pretty much exhausted but my mom still came over and we decided to have a few laughs.

The winging it life is not a lifestyle I'm going to embrace , but I recognize the power in letting things just happen. That's when the most beautiful moment whether unexpected or expected show up .

This week do something a little unexpected and see what lessons you learn.


So Many Options..png

3 WAYS TO STYLE: Black/white Print | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

If you have not noticed by now,  I am loving my black and white capsule wardrobe. I've been using the same 11 pieces for the past couple of months.  If you want to know the process behind that, check out more here. In my mixing and matching, I have fallen in love again with black and white print. But first it was me trying something out and I found myself being drawn more and more to black and white print as I was restocking my closet. After using this capsule to get it out of my system, I realize that it's here to stay. So let's dig into how I capitalize off the black and white print.


This look is what I call flirty fun. In my transition from Young 20 something to Young 30 something,  I have found that I want a little bit of both worlds. Something to reflect where I've come from and where I'm going. This look is the perfect representation of that. The ruffle billowy sleeve trend has stayed yet another season and I am making the most of it. A classic print skirt and I’m cocktail hour ready.  Although my cocktails are usually a double shot of apple juice.


I find myself leaning more towards jeans than I previously have in the past. I'm usually not a Jeans type of girl. But I love to play within this capsule to see how I would play up jeans as if it's my standard. This look gives me tomboy Chic aesthetic that I absolutely love. It's comfy.  It’s not too fussy . It allows me to get things done in my day-to-day life. What else could I want?


Why not go for Max black and white print? I love the inversion of black-and-white that allows the eye to interpret this as two different prints that are similar. In actuality, it's really the same print with inverted emphases. It gives the eyes some break from all the prints by having that little contrast. But we already know a little change goes a long way.


I have enjoyed every bit of this black and white lookbook series. So many outfits have come from just 10 pieces. If you want to create a capsule of your own, let’s create your 10 piece masterpiece today.

3 WAYS TO STYLE: BLACK MAXI DRESS | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

When I received this black maxi dress from SWAK design, I knew it was an instant staple and an instant keeper. It was able to go off the shoulder, one shoulder, maxi dress that also had the batwing effect. It's a great piece for almost all sizes and body types. So I knew I had to create some looks just around this piece of alone. If you find yourself with a p similar to this you have at least five different outfits based around this piece of long. Let's dig into the looks.

Although the maxi dress has a dress casual feel to it, I like to play up contrasting looks. Putting a bomber jacket and some Jean Flats on with this gives it a casual cool look. That's a contrast with where the piece naturally leans. I'm almost ashamed to say how many times I've thrown this look together to go on errands around town. It's so comfy and allows you to feel like you get the best of fashion and function. Because you do.


Never one to wear a piece one way,  I knew that this dress could be turned into all different shapes of tops. Whether, you tuck it, use hem tape, you can transform this dress into any piece you want. I decided to go simple and knotted around my waist. It allows the free-form dress to have a fitted look. With some jeans and a pair of gold earrings, I'm all set.


A great way to repurpose a piece is to take it from Star to Supporting Cast. What I mean by this is, for example, the maxi dress is a one-piece outfit that needs little to no additions. You can really wear it by itself and it is fine. What another way to repurpose this piece is to make it more of a layering top instead of the focal point one piece by itself. I've combined it with a duster and skirt up inverted Prince and allowed it to be the bridge between the two colors wise. This way you focus on the prince and not the top but it still serves a purpose.


Maxi dresses are some of my favorite pieces to style. The versatility and he's in which it moves makes it for a classic must have in many wardrobes. How do you style your maxi dresses I would love to see them.

3 WAYS TO STYLE: Black, White & Jean all over | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

This mini lookbook was inspired by an iconic Janet Jackson video. It is the “Love will never do without you” video. If for some reason you do not know this video let me explain. This video is virtually nothing but Janet on a beach smiling dancing around in jeans and tank top combo with lightly tossed hair. That's it. But the visual is so iconic for its Simplicity and sexy cool, Janet’s calling card.  This image has stuck with me because it's one of the first times that I can remember looking at someone and saying wow that's what a woman should look like. Not because of it being Janet Jackson with this gorgeous body. It was because of the confidence that she carried and how beautiful she looked in such a simple outfit. I aligned being a woman with being confident. From that moment on that was how I viewed Womanhood and being stylish. It never left me. I wanted to create a lookbook with my version of that outfit and how I can make different variations to fit my style. Let's dig into the looks.


I'm going through this phase that I don't think is really a phase, but a new standard. I love to put a dress over any look, no matter what I'm wearing. It's great for layering, acting as a duster world without the added sleeves. I wanted something on top, but I didn't want to cover up the billowy sleeves of the beautiful blouse that I was wearing. The dress meet both criteria.


This look lacks a white piece but still goes to the same feel. I put two dresses on top of each other. One dress acts more like a long tunic with the ruffle sleeves. The other acts as it did in the previous look as a duster. Something about the same colors with different textures always elevates a look no matter how simple the pieces.


This last look is the purest form of my interpretation of the video. I love Chris White tops. But until recently, they didn't love me back. It's because I'm a Messy eater. I could be eating plain rice, and somehow a Barbeque Stain will find its way on any white shirt I wore. I've gotten better with the voiding the stains and I'm falling in love with a white shirt again. I'm so glad I get to relive this look and if you want to buy a crisp white top this is the perfect one. It has a v neck some details on the wrist above all else it can fit in accommodate many a body type. I shortened it by taking it under itself because of my waste setting higher on my body than others. I even ventured out with my choice of June. I chose one that has rips and tears, string from my usual classic cut Jean. I wanted to give a feeling of relaxed chic. I got it.


I gladly used an iconic moment in music to inspire me to play up my version of simplicity. Which look was your favorite? Will you interpret the look in your own way? Let me know!

How to master modestwear | Style Tips

This conversation is long overdue. And it’s partly my fault. For as long as I can remember I have been scared to use the word modest. Especially when it came to clothing. I shied away from the word because I knew I was guilty as everyone else.  There were only a couple of images that popped into my head once I heard the word modest wear. And in my defense, the only time that I did hear it growing up was to convey these ugly, dated fashions tied to particular religious beliefs. So it was no wonder that once I became an adult even though I dressed more modestly that I didn't identify with the term. I say all that to say I was wrong. Period. I'm in a space now where I'm okay with admitting that I'm wrong and okay with redefining words to have better connotations for myself and how I use them.

I embrace a more modest way of style. And it's not to say that I am advising it for all my clients or even you reading this right now. It just simply means that I am admitting that I love to dress modestly. And if you look back at my blog, for the most part, I always have. I rarely show my knees I usually have something even if it's form-fitting that it's longer I rarely let my arms out I always have on foundational wear and layers. It's just always been present. Now that I'm recognizing it,  I'm embracing it more within myself . Modest wear has become a big part of the fashion industry more than it has even in the last 5 to 10 years. So if you are leaning more towards modest wear or even dressing more, let's break this down together of how to master the art of modest wear.

Layer like a pro

The one constant that I see with so many modest wear bloggers is mastering the art of layering in a way that I don't see other places. The modest wear community will layer dresses on top of skirts on top of pants and however they want to configure their clothing. It's not in a way where it's too much or Humpty Dumpty. It’s masterfully and Tastefully done. To be able to know that a dress is a layering piece is such an eye-opening experience.  Making it apparent that any and everything in your closet is a layering component allows you to see your clothes in a different light. I implore you to please try this approach even for a week. What's the worst that can happen?

Master the Maxi

When all else fails it's about the maxi. Both dress and skirt. Think about the ways that you can combine a maxi dress or skirt. Within your layering it's an all-in-one type of deal. You put on a simple top with maxi skirt and it still moves like a dress.  You can put on a cardigan or vest and it's always going to be a pulled together look without having to try. Isn't that the entire point of all of this?

All in the application

The most important part of modest where is simply knowing that it's not the piece that has to be modest it's just the application. So that means you can shop anywhere. You can shop for that mini skirt or that spaghetti strap shirt, it's just the application. The miniskirt can easily go over a pair of tights or pants. The spaghetti strap dress can go over another shirt. The off-the-shoulder top can be put on top of a blouse. Again it goes back to that main principle of layering.  It is just about simply and strategically placing clothes on your body in ways that don't show as much skin. That's it.

So the next time you think modest is a word to represent antiquated or dated fashion ideas, check yourself. It's nothing of the sort. It's simply a way of opening your eyes to the creativity and possibility of dressing and layering in different ways. How will you incorporate a little modest wear in the way that you dress?


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How to avoid the most common style mistakes | Style Advice

Stylish means you have an idea of who you are and what you want to say. But it doesn't mean hiccups in your style journey. Many of us have those tumbles every now and then. Let’s work to see how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Focusing on the familiar and not any of the new or unused

  • It's great that you have found things that work for you, but part of style is expressing the journey that you have not only of your life but your personality.  Who you were five years ago usually isn't exactly the person that you are now. That's okay. You need a closet to reflect that . Introduce the new gradually. So you have new standards that are constantly evolving.  Tried-and-true will always be there. Introducing something new every once in a while works well.

Ignoring the golden ratio in fashion

  • The Golden ratio and your body are best described as follows: Think of your body in thirds as opposed to halves. Viewing  your body in thirds allows you to master the art of proportion without even having to try. From your head to your waist is a third; from your waist to your feet is 2/3.  Another great proportion to think of is ⅗. 3/5 of your body is from your waist to your feet. ⅖ of your body is from your waist to your head. Dressing up according to these ratios will significantly improve the fit and function of your clothes.

Not being consistent with your own style

  • Getting dressed is an everyday task you have no choice but to do. But are you present? Sometimes it's easier just to grab and go, not thinking about the decision. But no decision still is a decision. Think about what you are wearing every single day and what that conveys about your personality. It will continue to make all the difference in everything that you do.


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How to adapt the stay ready mindset | Lifestyle Tips

In this time of year, there's usually a lot of resolutions, reflections,  words of the Year, mindset shifts. I would like to offer my two cents that will help you not only feel less of a need for resolutions but get and keep you on the right track. It is the stay ready mentality.  Instead of getting ready, you stay ready. So what does that mean? You are always prepared for the good, bad or ugly of life because you know it's coming. It's not a matter of if you're going to have a little confidence that day, you know those days are going to be there. You’re still  fabulous in spite of it. You're prepared to always look your very best with your own glam bag either in your purse or in the trunk of your car. It's about knowing that life is going to throw a curveball and believing that the curve balls are always going to come when you least expect it. The key is the stay ready attitude embracing that part of life. Saying what can I do to get through to the other side. It's simply preparation for anything that comes your way.  Here are a few life & style #getready tips:

  1. Make a plan and tell it to someone who can hold you accountable

    • It’s one thing to fall short of your own expectations but a completely different thing to fall short of someone else's. Usually having a second party involved ups the ante and makes us think twice before breaking no standards and commitments we have set.

  2. Wake early and set periodic alarms

    • The early rise means a jump start on the day. Even pushing back your alarm 1 hour sometimes makes all the difference in a productive day. To keep yourself on task start set a 30-minute timer and see how much you can get done. Once the timer rings it'll pop you back into focus, letting you know hey I need to get it together.

  3. Set goals and break it down until you have a daily plan

    • Have a plan that you just can't seem to figure out how to get to it break it down? For example, if you want to write 100 Pages think about how many pages you can write a day. Even if it's one,  at the end of a month you're a third of the way there. So it's going to take you on average 3 months to get those hundred Pages. Need it in a short amount of time? Compress the time limit.

  4. Keep a record of your closet changes and inventory

    • At the end of every season look through your closet and see what you have worn the most and why.  Is it because of the seasons or is it because you just don't want to wear it anymore? Also be mindful of the new things you add to your wardrobe and how you incorporate it into your existing routine.  

  5. Have your Glam Bag locked and loaded

    • Make sure you're ready to go at any point in time with your own glam bag. Check out the latest podcast to create your own and never be caught as less than your best


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Secrets of a stylish woman | Style Tips

Stylish is as stylish does. And yet so many women have questions about how to build keep and maintain their sense of style. I have found many of them hold the same principles and ideas true to not only their closet but to their lives let's break down the most common characteristics.

Tailoring is non-negotiable

  • You are custom made.  So should the feel, look and fit of your clothing.  That will never be a negotiable.

Accessories can be ornamental or fundamental

  • You can use accessories as the inspiration to create a look around or you can use accessories as the pivot point to adding a splash of wow to a basic or not so basic ensemble

A well-supported frame is A well-dressed one

  • Foundational wear of any kind will allow your clothing to lay flat without budging and bulking up. Even if it's a slip or a pair of tights, a little goes a long way

If it doesn't work one way, it will another way

  • You always know the fun is in trying to find the new and the unexpected

Basics ensure you always have options

  • You know basics are foundational. You can build with them or upon them as you please. You never run out of options as long as you know to mix and match

Less is more and more is more depending on the day

  • You're not beholden to so many different rules regulations. You are held to what you feel like that day and what part of your personality you want to show.  Style is what you make it. Sometimes you want to accessorize a lot, sometimes a little. Sometimes you want to go bold and sometimes you just want understated; whatever it is, is uniquely you


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3 WAYS TO STYLE: Co-Ordinates | Style Inspiration

Coordinate outfits have been a staple in fashion for at least the past five years. They are not going anywhere and for good reason. They offer the ability to mix and match or have a ready to go look of separates with ease. Don't get too comfortable though. Push yourself to think outside the box and maximize this current fashion Staple in your closet.

I have fallen in love with this black and white print coordinate set from Shein. It is stretchy, comfortable and allows me to navigate my capsule wardrobe with ease. Remember it's all about function and fashion. There doesn't need to be a compromise and this coordinate set allows me to have both in abundance. These looks are just an extension of my overall 11 piece capsule wardrobe that you can preview here. Let's dig into the looks.


This first look keeps it simple Chic. I love nothing more than the crisp white blouse contrast against a print or dark color coordinate. It is going to give you a classic look that is instantly pulled together without too much trouble. If you're like me and love the opulent little details this top is perfect for you. I chose it because I loved the Pearl details around the wrist and the fact that it gives me a billowy feel in the sleeves.


This next look is all about minimal effort but Maximum Impact. It was easy to do since the coordinates already made an outfit and simply placing a bomber jacket on top created a new look. This look Work because it is the same print inverted. Whereas the coordinates and precise the black with white lines, the bomber jacket is the exact opposite. The contrast makes the difference and allows me to feel like I'm mixing prints without actually doing so.


When all else fails, combine a print with a texture. This look is as easy as it comes. The coordinate top is perfect to layer underneath this drift it velvet dress. It provides me covering for the top of my arms but doesn't drag all the way down to the bottom of the dress so I'm constantly adjusting the lair. This is a great option if you simply want to break up your coordinates without doing too much. Simplicity is key


This small lookbook allows you to understand the importance of mixing and matching to maximize all the clothing in your wardrobe. It only took four pieces to create three distinct outfits in this lookbook. Try to replicate this in your own closet to see what you like and what don't.  Black and white never has to mean boring. Which look was your favorite?

4 ways to destress | Confidence & Self Love

If you believe Forrest Gump,  you believe that box is like a box of chocolates, so you never know what you're going to get. But that also means that it welcomes in the unpredictability that life so often has to bring. That can be stressful. You have enough on your plate, How do you handle it all?  No worries. As long as you keep reading your understand a few of my most important tips for distressing 4 different ways. With these tips you can handle life's curveballs a with a little more ease.

Unplug Your Life

Unplug from all electronic devices at least an hour before bed. Not only will it allow your eyes some relief but allow your brain to kind of cool down slowly. It's not an abrupt detachment from Electronics right before you go to bed. Nor do  you fall asleep staring at a screen. Give your brain a break and stop focusing on the electronics. Focus on you. The same principle applies for when you wake up. For the first 15 minutes of my morning, I'm in the complete darkness. I get up stretch, get on my couch drinking my water all in the dark without electronics. There are a peace and a calm that enters my body that starts my day off with a more centered focus. It's a great way to start the day.

Read it out

Now that you have unplugged at the beginning and the end of your day, try reading a bit more. It forces focus and attention in a way that sometimes technology affords us the luxury of not having. Figure out your favorite two genres and explore them I love autobiographies and business starter books. The entrepreneurial mindset is something that I always focus on because it interests me. You might like Thrillers or fan fiction or you may just be dusting off your twilight. No judgment.

Embrace no

This is definitely a hard one for me but it's a must. A lot of our stress comes from our inability to stick to no. It's a no but I'll get to it.  Maybe it's not a no-it-all. It's a yes I'll work it out, I'll make it work. Put yourself first. Prioritize your stress level being low over being afraid to say no to an opportunity or to someone's request . Only say yes when it's necessary. Put things at a later date if you feel that you just can't say no. It allows you to time to recoup, recover and face the task with a full head of focus. But don't push yourself to put more on you then you can honestly take. It doesn't help you or the person that you're doing it for.

Stretch it out, Breathe it out

Maybe it's because I've spent a good chunk of my life as a classically trained singer. I know the importance of a good stretch and a good breathing technique in the morning. I'm refiguring my own health and my own standards, knowing that stretching has enabled me to embrace a healthier me but it's a must. I suggest you to do the same. Stretch in the morning and just sit there in stillness for 5 minutes.  Just breathe. You'll be surprised at how come you feel be surprised how great you feel at the end of it. It's just about clearing your head and focusing on the now.

I don't know how you distress but if you're looking for more ways these four are definitely a good place to start. Which one stands out to you? And which one are you going to try today? Let me know in the comments below


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How to build a "grown woman" style | Style Advice

Now that I am entering the last years of my 20s marching into my 30s,  it has been a full-on time of reflection. And I know I'm not alone. Many of my friends older than me now in their thirties and my age have gone through the same quarter-life existential crisis in all areas of life.  Clothing & image is no exception.

I found myself too old to still primarily shop at somewhere like Forever 21 ,  but too young to shop at the stores that made me feel matronly. How can I find a wardrobe and clothing that reflected my transitioning into what I like to call “real grown”  style instead of play play grown? It seemed like I was stuck in the middle somewhere and I know I'm not alone in this. So how do you get a wardrobe that's grown woman without being too over-the-top while still embracing you're going into a different part of your youth? It seems like I’m talking in circles just trying to explain it. Lol.  I do have a few simple, but effective tips that will help you navigate this transitional part of your life.

Change your normal go to

The simplest way to change where you normally shop.  There are so many places online and offline since you were in your late teens / early twenties.  The possibilities are the truly endless. Break out of your comfort shell and try at least 1-2 new places a month. Even if it's window shopping or browsing just put yourself out there.  Search on Google. Ask people on your social media where they shop or the best new places that they have found. You'll be surprised at what answer is you get.

Bump up your quality game

I have found my “grown woman style”  by stopping shopping fast fashion frivolously and investing and more quality pieces. So much of my twenties was experimenting with clothes , jumping on Trends and kind of figuring out what works and what doesn't work.  Now that I have clear style, I want to represent it clearly with my clothing. I didn't quite have that as a younger woman, but now I know what I want. Investing in those pieces is imperative. Yes, I still like trends but now is the time to start investing ensuring that I stick to what I like instead of sticking to what the trend of the year is key.

Purge those young 20s from your closet

Pull out all of your clothes and look through each piece.  Ask yourself if each piece is representative of who you are now or the you  at 20? 22? Make sure that you start setting a standard for the clothes that you wear. Always checking in to make sure it's a true representation of where you are or where you are going, not where you have been. The younger you taught you all the lessons that you needed to build this Foundation . Embrace that fully with an image and a set of clothing built on confidence that you know is founded on knowing who you are.

Those are just three ways that I have found myself on the other side of the 20 to 30-year-old transition. There is a lot of life that happened in the eight years I've spent in my twenties. The last two years are definitely transitional times that I appreciate much more, having a strong sense of who I am on behalf of my earlier 20s. Whether it's the 30s- 40s , 40s, and 50s,  or 50s 60s and beyond, understanding that each transition is just an opportunity for you to get clear about who you are and the standards you have for yourself. Embrace that and get a better dressed you in the process.


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