OOTD 01.20.16


I have settled into the fact that my daily life is just a stream of mini adventures.

I am an avid extreme couponer. I do most of my couponing at CVS and recently got $26 bucks in store money called Extra Care Bucks (ECBs). Well imagine my surprise when as I'm trying to checkout today neither my phone number or email register in the CVS system. This means the $26 I held in my hand to pay for my items were worthless. After 2 calls to customer service and a mini rant on my couponing channel (found here), My account was restored. I was able to do my haul and I got an extra $3 in ECBs for my trouble.


My husband and I bought a powerball ticket as a joke. After the numbers were revealed, we laughed at all of the #afterpowerball memes, thinking the whole ordeal was done. A few days later when making small talk with a cab driver, we were informed that since we matched 3 of the 6 numbers including the power ball, we had still won some money. We looked everywhere trying to find the ticket. Nothing. Today my husband sent me a text saying he finally found the ticket. I instantly thought of all of the cookies I could buy with the $100 we had surely won.He went to claim the ticket while I looked for the nearest Insomnia Cookie. Then the bad news came. Since we picked the numbers 1 drawing before the winning numbers were drawn, we get nothing. So much for those cookies.


I have delayed getting winter appropriate outerwear for some time. I decided to trek to DSW and try my luck. I struck. Today I wore my new (and first) pair of snow boots. Why has no one has informed me about the magic of lined snow boots? I was walking on a side walk covered in snow. In my old boots, biggun would have taken several tumbled and hobbled back home. Now? It feels like walking on Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (For the record I would never do that. My mama raised me better than to disrespect Krispy Kreme.) A lady even complimented me on my shoes. We started some small talk and it led to her being interested in hiring me for a singing gig. The boots are trying to pay for themselves already.

I packed some pasta for lunch between my coaching and lesson. At least I did until my husband ate it.:cD I had no time to prep anything else, so I thought of the $20 lunch surely awaiting me in Lincoln Park. I lucked upon seeing a friend who told me about a $2.50 burger and fry special for Thursday. It was amazing and I now know of a spot with great specials all week.Today was truly a typically quirky day. I wouldn't have it any other way. Scroll for outfit details.



Necklace- Beads.us

Scarf- Old Navy (similar)

Dress- Dress Link (NLA)

Boots- DSW

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYl6_UxWDdQ]

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