WhoWhatWear Collab with Target includes up to Sz.26 | IN THE NEWS

WhoWhatWear, a fashion and beauty blog resource site, will be debuting a fashion line through Target on January31, 2016. They released the news a few months ago, but as of this past week, both websites have released the entire collection with pricing. I was skeptical of Target and their collaborations after the let down that was Ava& Viv. (More on that in a later post) However, I took the liberty to look around and I must honestly say that I am actually impressed with what I see.  Click any picture to see full collection.

As you can see, there is a pretty good mix of basics and trendy pieces. I am excited about three items in particular: The cape Blazer, Moto jacket and the blue/yellow floral print skirt. I like that they have included some plus size models within the campaign as well as a natural model of color.Per WhoWhatWear's website, all pieces will be priced under $50 AND the sizing goes up to a size 26!  If that was not enough to get you hype, the WhoWhatWear line will continue to debut pieces the first week of every month until further notice. This is a step in the right direction and I am definitely interested in seeing how this plays out. Check out Target's or WhoWhatsWear's pages for more pictures of the collection. Sign up here to be first in line for the items.

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