"`Recital Chic" OOTD 01.31.16


January definitely went out with a bang.Everything sort of collided in a way that was slightly overwhelming. One of the highlights was someone taking my card information and having a bit of a shopping spree at my expense. The highlight? $50 in detergent. FIFTY.DOLLARS.IN.DETERGENT. I didn't know there was a such thing as designer detergent, but you learn something new everyday. My husband and I had a much needed laugh at the fact that I was most angry about the detergent purchase because I hardly ever pay for detergent thanks to couponing.  Time will tell if this "designer detergent" was worth its price tag.;c)

The other high light of January was my participation in an art song recital last night. The recital consisted purely of 20th century Italian art song. There was a lot of interesting music and sounds in the space of that hour that piqued my interest for more pieces from this genre.My piece in particular was quite the peculiar little ditty. (La Lettera by Menotti for those of you who were wondering.)  I won't lie and say that I was a fan of my "demon baby music" piece (my affectionate name for it) but the subject matter helped it grow on me. The lyrics detail the equivalent of a young woman pouring her heart out to the man she loves in a text message and him replying "K." She's distraught but looks forward to his next message. Typical love drunk art song subject matter.lol. My performance was a much needed lift to my sinking spirits. I don't perform as often as I like in recent times, so I really appreciate when I do have the opportunity.  It also helped that I got to debut one of my favorite new Eloquii dresses. Isn't she adorable? The dress is the perfect combination of style and comfort. I've accepted that I'm not the 3 in. heel, tight dress wearing singer. I am a singer who wears Jeweled Croc flats as my go to singing shoes. (Those shoes have changed my life. like seriously.) I'm still cute, my lipstick is popping and I sing well; that's all that matters. Scroll for more pictures and outfit info.



Dress- Eloquii

Shoes- DSW

Tights- Avenue

Ciao for Now,


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