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Website Review:

Website Review:


The purpose of this review series is to bring you the good, bad, and ugly of online plus size fashion. Through my reviews I hope to bring attention to great under appreciated sites while warning you of sites not in the best interest of a plus size shopper. 

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It's safe to say that JC Penny is a familiar name to most people in the United States. Beside Sears, it was my go-to store growing up as a young chubby girl. Through recent years, however, there have been many changes in branding and design. I recently received an email from JCP advertising sales and new items, so I decided to rediscover this favorite of yesteryear.

On one of their many About Us pages was the following:

Doesn't say much about the target audience of their products, but I guess a company this large could never be that specific.

I am familiar with JCP's new pricing and I immediately went to the women's section. I had to use the search bar to find the sizing chart, so I knew I should browse the Women's and Women's Plus sections for clothing.

There is one Pro that still holds: JCP still provides clothing options for plus size bodies. Clothing goes up to a 5X (Size 34 W). There are also cons that hold true: The designs are still a bit dated. As a young plus size women, I feel that some clothing companies think small dress size and large sense of fashion have a positive correlation. So untrue, yet the ugly floral prints and ill designed capris are still prevalent. I pressed on to basic shirts and pants. History with JCP has proven that those items are their strong suits.

Navigating this site is very easy. Every detail is titled and informative.  The item pages were not very detailed, but they gave enough to inform me of if a product was worth my money. They also have customer reviews. When I entered the shirt section, I was pleased to find that many of the items were on sale and could be further reduced by any of the many coupon codes on the home page. I was in desperate need of long sleeves shirts, so the timing could not have been better. I got 

a mockneck in five colors,

a pair of skinny pants,


a turtle neck in two basic colors

. They were already 50% off on clearance and I could use a 30% off coupon code. It was a no brainer.

My shipping was free and my package came in five days from order. The pants. OH THE PANTS. They fit so well, I actually took multiple selfies. (This is major for me.)  I got them in a 18W and a perfect fit. The shirts were of great quality, especially considering the price (just $6 bucks each!).

My overall opinion of I was excited and satisfied with my purchase. The site was very easy to navigate. It was also so detailed that it made searching for what you want a lot easier. Their attempts at plus size fashion are still lacking, I can't deny them on their pants. I eventually purchased three different pairs of pants and were consistently pleased. I am adding JCP back to my list of go to places to shops for my pants. If you are plus sized and looking for quality, affordable staples, try



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Pro Tip: Sign up for their JCP rewards and text updates. You will receive frequent $10/$25 coupons and $10 for every $100 you spend. 

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