Fashion inspiration comes from everywhere | Style inspiration comes from you

  Fashion is seen as such a creative outlet to many, but few outside of couture fashion houses  have  looked past previous clothing trend to gain   fashion inspiration. My tip is to look at the mundane things of life to gain inspiration, because design is all around you.

I look everywhere from detergent bottles to my niece's doodles to a puddle on the ground. The biggest fashion inspiration I have ever received came from a touring petting zoo . Yes-- a touring petting zoo. I went to the annual fair and came across the petting zoo tucked in the back. The most striking animals? A peacock and a young duckling. The peacock's feathers were obviously very striking, but it was its skin that left the biggest impression. I had never seen such a distinct texture in my life and have looked for similar textures within my clothing choices since. The young crested duckling had the most beautifully opaque pink feathers. The way they laid created a soft pink sheen that I had never seen before.I began to notice and appreciate softer pink and suede textures from that forth. That day I had an epiphany-- everything around me is designed. Fashion is everywhere and it's up to me (and you) to realize its presence in the unlikeliest of places. Go walk outside.Look at the packaging of the food you eat.Study building structures. Inspiration will strike when you least expect it.

So what do you do once that inspiration strikes? You filter it according to what aligns with your personality and style. Because contrary to fashion, style should only come form you. It is simply an extension of your personality. I look at the inspiration for characteristics I like, but my style is a culmination of not just what I like, but also who I am and what I want to say. It's a lot more layered. That's why it's so important to have clothes that represent you. When you get up in the morning and get dressed, do you feel inspired? Do you feel like your clothes are an extension of who you are ? If not, that's ok. Many people unlearn the creativity that gives their style spice. That's why I'm here. to ensure you get it all back. The first step is getting rid of all the other sources of style that aren't from you. Clean out that closet with me by signing up for Wardrobe Detox here and put all that inspiration and style to good use.