Today was a very relaxing day. I had a couple of minor errands to finish, but I spent the day reflecting on my short journey in blogging. I got sick about a week ago and it really knocked the wind out of my sails. I began to doubt my purpose, became frustrated with what I thought was a lack of growth with my business and I thought that maybe I was not as successful as I originally thought. Today was going to be full of taping, blogging and consultation, but I had to get my mentality in check. I simply just chilled in humility and gratitude today. I have a gift and an opportunity to share that gift with others. Everyone does not have that luxury. I also clocked the "instant-gratification- millennial" breaking out. I am usually one for working hard in silence for a long time and seeing the fruits of my labor unfold in due time. But for some reason, sitting with my thoughts on a sick bed made me impatient. There are a million bloggers out there with gifts just like mine. Empires are not made in a month, so until I have paid the cost to be the boss, I need to keep chipping at it one day at a time. Keep scrolling for more pics and outfit details.

Boots- DSW (similar)

Turtle neck- Thrifted

Pants- Boohoo

Vest- Thrifted Ciao for Now,


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