*Looking Fly in the Sky: Dressing for Airport travel

  I recently traveled to Atlanta to spend time with my little sis and escape from the frigid Chicago air.(#airportselfie warning) It was a much welcomed break that could break my cabin fever. While packing my suitcase (two hours before) my fight, I realized that I never shared my tips on travel wear on the blog. Travel wear can make or break a comfortable travel experience. But I have picked up a few tips for a cute casual look that won't have you feeling constricted.

Loose layers are your friend

ORD mirrors & lighting are the best!:cD

Leggings- Avenue (similar)

Tunic-Old navy (similar)

Traveling from chilly Chicago to cool Atlanta means I had to have built in layers into my look. Layers allow you to be as warm or cool as you want in no time. It also allows you to dress for the (likely) different climates of your two destinations. Wearing loose clothing will allow for easy security screenings and freer feeling when you're in those tight seats. (I'm usually an economy ticket girl unless the flight is international and/or 5+ hours.)

Look for breathable fabrics


Cardigan -H&M (similar)

My go to fabrics: Cotton and jersey with a splash of stretch. These fabrics prevent you from feeling stuffy. They also feel gentle on skin after hours of of moving and sitting. I tend to apply this to my bottoms if I can. A pair of jeggings, pencil pants or even yoga pants may be your bottom of choice.

Try tunics or dresses

This bathroom would not let me be great.lol

Dress- F21

These articles of clothing have always provided me the most comfort and adaptability when I'm traveling from place to place. If I get too cold, I can easily throw on some pants. Too hot? cardigan and other potential layers go into my carry on. I am also very hot natured, so if it's particularly cold on the plane I simply lay my cardigan on my legs. Adjust as needed.

Other useful (non fashion) travel tips

  • BRING HEADPHONES...you'll thank me later

  • Pack gum for cabin dryness and altitude

  • Bring PB&J and granola and fruit as snacks

    • can be brought from home and pass through security; more info found here and here

    • Bring empty water bottle

      • It can be filled after security check

Ciao for Now,


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