Small Closet Hacks| STYLE ADVICE

Everyone is not blessed with the large remote controlled walk-in closet you see on Pinterest boards. Honestly I don't want a big closet. It would only beg to be filled and my budget is not about that life. lol. My closets for the most part have been average sized. That is until I got married. My closet real estate got cut in half, but my wardrobe did not. I had to look for solutions and fast. I have found a few solutions for those of us whose style aspirations exceed their square footage. Keep scrolling and pick up some of my best found tips.


This is a very simple, cost effective tip that saves not only time, but headaches.  Having more than one type of hanger contributes to bulk and clutter.  The bulk can obstruct the view of what exactly what’s hanging in there. It can also be unsightly and contribute to frustrating searches for specific items. Having uniform hangers prevents the chance of clothes falling off, while making it clear what piece is where in your closet. It also allows the clothes to lay flat. This allows more room which means more clothes. YAY! You can find my faves here---> Target

 If you have a small closet or live in a dorm room, this is a great alternative. Roll your underwear and fill each pocket to your liking. Hang on your door. This allows for you to fill your precious real estate with other items.


Use tension rods to add racks to corners or behind your original racks. It is also the most cost effective alternative for additional room. I would be careful with this tip. You can place lighter items on the rack. Think scarves and shirts. Heavy pieces like outerwear will weigh the rods down and make them fall. Perfect option for closet corners.


 I will admit that this one is a new find. Use a file sorter to hold socks, tights and other items like washcloths. This is good for people who share bathrooms or have a single dresser in their closet. 


Style isn't just for your clothes. Your closet needs some love too. Hopefully you have found one tip that helps you save some space time and money. What are some of your favorite space saving tips for your closet? Comment below.