Self Care Tips for Winter


The cold air can be brutal on the skin. It's more prone to being dry, so you must bring up your skin hydration routine. Double up on your moisturizing. Clean and moisturize at morning and night. I like to use raw black soap/shea butter blend combo for soft clear skin. Raw black soap will deep clean in a way most traditional cleanser fail to reach. My favorite is from Reeta's Organic's.  It is my go to in times of breakouts and deep cleanings. I have found nothing more efficient in cleaning my skin. TO moisturize, I only use Shea butter products. Shea butter mixes are whipped with other minerals and mild scents for a smooth creamy application. Be mindful that a little goes a long way. My new favorite is Nia's Shea Balm. These little tins are full of nothing but moisture. I now swear by these balms and keep one on me at all times to combat dryness throughout the day. 

 If you wear makeup frequently, try creme foundations. I like Black Opal's creme stick foundations. They have a smooth application, easily blended and stays put for the most part. As far as lips, keep lip balm. My favorites? Nivea lip balm and Aquaphor lip repair. The moisture is penetrating and leaves a long lasting moisture all day. 


Hydrate- You hear it all the time, and yet-- It will save you a world of hurt during cold season. It cuts down on a cold taking root and also helps create a natural healthy glow. You also need more water in during colder months. The stark dryness can rob you of all of your moisture and you have a higher risk of dehydration.  I like to fill a water bottle half way and free over night. Before I leave for the day, I grab the bottle and fill the rest with water. This ensures I have constant cold water throughout my day. 

LAYER- Layering effectively allows you to take things on and off without looking incomplete. It also cuts down on the potentially cumbersome tasks of being cool indoors and warm outdoors. You need 3 main layers to be most effective. I'll expound on this in a free style guide later this year. 


What are some ways you stay hydrated and warm during the colder months? Leave some of your favorite tips in the comment section below.