Color Blocking for beginners | Essential Tip

Colorblocking is an essential tool for anyone who wants to expand their style options. It's also great you have problems with styling color combos that you like. Color blocking uses basic items in a way that strengthens your style muscle. I have a tip that ensures you win every time you attempt color blocking. 

The tip? Start with just 2 colors. Choose one secondary color.A secondary color is a color comprised of 2 primary colors. (red, blue and yellow) For the example used in the picture, I used green. Now combine it with one of the primary colors that comprise it. In this case, I used blue. You'll strike gold overtime. Picked purple? Wear a red or blue. Keep it simple and don't use two secondary colors. That can complicate things and increase your potential chances at failing. Pro tip? When accessorizing, use lighter shades of the colors you originally used. As you can see my necklace has a lighter shade of blue and green and there is a small splash of a third color. Not too shabby, huh?