Bold Print feat. Eloquii | 3 Ways to Slay

I looooooooove print as much as the next girl. But loving them and wearing them are two different things. I wear them often, but many women are too scared. The usual reasons? It will create too much attention; they don't know how to wear them. This installment of 3 ways to Slay (#3W2S) shows me taking the challenge head on while being a kid again on the playground. You KNOW I love Eloquii and as usual, they are highlighted in this lookbook. I would suggest them for bold prints you won't find anywhere else.  Keep scrolling for pics and Link details. 


Pants: Eloquii (similar) | Shirt: Old Navy | Button up: Geoffrey Beene | Shoes: Similar here

These pants give a fun take on the classic leopard print. If you are a little timid about bolder pieces, choose a standard print (stripe, leopard, polka dot) in an atypical color. This not only allows you to be more comfortable with brighter colors, but it makes a bold impression. And bold's the whole point, right? Most people pair something bold with a basic black or white. That is definitely a great start. If you would like to "cut" your print, I say add another color. In this instance, it was a deeper royal blue. I actually stole this button up from my husband's side of the I like to wear men's button ups because they tend to have more structure and made with thicker fabrics. I simply tie it up to keep the fun of the look consistent. If you want some button ups, try the men's section. You'll thank yourself later. 


Top: Eloquii

Let me be honest. This outfit was a complete accident. XD I was changing clothes and my husband/photographer simply said "Hey! That works!" Voila-- a look was born. Mixing prints are the last frontier in my style journey. I admittedly was timid about approaching it, but in the last few months have been cultivating my approach to mixing print in a way that was indicative of me. It's a true process and on the other side, I will share full details. Just know that now, I am copy with mixing prints and that there is no one right way to do it. Try it yourself. Don't ask if it looks right;simply ask if you like it and go. This particular pairing works because of it's complimentary color scheme. Different prints work together for different reasons. Try and experiment this week and see what you some up with. 


Leggings: Eloquii | Shoes: Similar Here

When it comes to this print, I like to play it up and down. This fun print is perfect for someone wanting to try something new. If you want to go outside of basics, go geometric. A triangular or square pattern may be easier to style for you because of its inherent symmetry. I decided to dress down this top with THE BEST LEGGINGS ON THE That was a bit much, but I stand by these leggings being the most solid, non opaque, warm, stretchy leggings you will find anywhere. A strongly recommended item for your wardrobe. In this look, the leggings play supporting actor just enough to take a usual dressy top and makes it casual fun. I chose flat shoes, but it you want a more flirty casual look, wear some pumps or sandals. The simplest edit can change this entire look. That's the beauty of a bold print. 

Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Try wearing a bold print this week. If you do, send it to or post it on social media using the hashtag #3W2S. Can't wait to see what you try.