Emerald Girl Chronicles #001- Creating the fun I want to have



When I woke up this morning, I wasn't in the best of moods. I had gotten a few hours of sleep, I felt frustrated about school and I wrote 4 blog posts that never saved. I was already over it. But I'm stubbornly optimistic, so I decided to take pics in order to pep myself up and still be productive. My ever supportive husband drug me out of bed and I decided if he was committing his time, the least I could commit was a positive attitude. That was easy once I got to play dress up.:cD.



Getting dressed is therapeutic to me at this point in my life. You'll always hear me say this, but I truly believe it-- A great sense of style starts with a great sense of self. Once I started looking for clothes, my mood spiked. I instantly asked myself what I wanted. My answer? Joy and fun. I just wanted to feel better and look at my current life situations in a new light. It was a reminder that happiness that day was a choice that was all my own. If I wanted to be my usual bright,peppy self, all I had to was BE IT. Once I picked my clothes, I decided to take the fun up a notch and go to a park.



Boy did I have fun! Even when I was a kid, I didn't play this much on the playground. lol. I though my mini shoot would be ruined by the fact that I had no where to change. NOPE. I just changed in a corner. Now before you get wide eyed, note that I simply put layers on top of each other. No biggie. In the midst of changing my clothes, I accidentally came across an awesome mixed print look and instantly realized my new three look shoot was now a 3 ways to slay installment. #winning Once we saw kids coming, we promptly walked home in high spirits and low worries. I was myself again. 


I wanted to chronicle this day so that you realize happiness is yours for the taking. YOU have the power to make your own day brighter. It's all up to you. Try dressing up tomorrow and find out what you want to accomplish. Stick with it and make it work. I know you can. For the month of March on periscope I am scoping under the theme of #allaboutthegreen. I'll talk all things green--Emerald Girl lifestyle, luck and money by showing you how to prosper in all three.   The first ten days are all about the EGC lifestyle including finding your happy. Join me here everyday @9 am and let's be green together. 

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