Are You Wearing Clothes or Excuses

When I originally started this conversation it was talking about a tele summit. It was a teleconference for women who want it to quit the negative things in there life. After my presentation I got a message that said, "You now I love your presentation on confidence, but I just don't know where to start. I want to start, but I don't have the body I want. It's weird. I wish I could be confident like you."   I replied that the difference between you wanting and having is you making a choice. And part of making a choice is to stop wearing the excuses, and start wearing clothes .

What's wearing excuses?  Usually for women it comes to not wanting attention or negative attention, not wanting people to say thing about them. We have been so conditioned to understand our bodies as this unhealthy relationship between us and our scale. I understand what women have been fed. I understand what we have that toxicity internalized  so I understand the source of the excuses. But I'm here to help you understand the difference between what you want, deserve and need. It's a choice stop the feeding the negativity. What are you going do to stop the excuses and start your own success?I can get dressed in 5 minutes or  3 hours. It depends on my mood, day but it also depends on me knowing exactly what I want, who I am and not allowing other people's opinions  sway how I feel about myself. 


I wear clothes that adorn my body; not apologize for it. Are you doing the same? If not, you will continue to suffer and so will your business. Confidence is evident when it's abundant and absent. Know that the first step is to come from a place of abundance. Instead of wearing clothes to hide your tummy (Prime example of wearing excuses) wear clothes that reflect your bubbly personality. Or those killer legs. You'll soon find yourself becoming more comfortable with every part of you and excuses will no longer be validated.