Diamonds are a girl's worst friend

The diamond is seen as a symbol  of class, money, wealth, with a strong association to perfection. Some people also associate it with starting from very ugly and very dirty like carbon or coal and under so much pressure of life , finances or relationships, it creates this  clear, perfect jewel.  It's also a correlation between the hardships of life of being on the other side but it always emphasize the clarity and the perfection, the elite status of it all. The “I am survivor, I got the other side, I look so much better on the other side of it. I am not that dirty, crusty coal or carbon. I went out of the pressure and came out perfect, gleaming and bright” narrative. I'm for it in the sense that it solidifies self love. But I'm not for perfection because it's unattainable.  It also pushes us to be something that we are not. We are not perfect. Far from it. We are not going to be crystal clean and a crystal clear on the other side of our tribulations. Sometimes, life leaves a mark on us, that’s a reality of it. 

Sometimes that bad relationship leaves a bad mark on us.  Sometimes that job it wears us down. Some parts of life are not as lovely as we thought. Parts of ourselves that we have learned to not love as much leaves a mark. We have imperfections but it's our nature as human beings. Let that perfection go. It is not your best friend. What’s your best friend? authenticity.

 I tried to be diamond, ; the most valuable diamond; the most perfect diamond with the most clarity. It was tiresome and I never felt complete. Authenticity allowed me to accept the things I couldn't change and change the things I couldn't accept. It set a standard for me to have realistic expectations and that manifested itself in all areas of my life. I started to take pride in myself because I realized that I have a unique perspective, personality, purpose and plan. It shouldn't be minimized by the limited concept of perfect. That's why I embrace the emerald-- all are inherently flawed and beautifully unique because of it. The striking green hue is a sign of growth and prosperity. Embrace the Emerald view of life-- rejecting perfection, understanding flaws and the beauty uniqueness while prospering from accepting the truth. Your new best friend is waiting. Will you embrace her?