Top style trends for Summer 2017

I always preach about how having a strong personal style should not be based solely on trends. it is, however, important to be aware of trends so you know the number and range of offerings from season to season. If you have a style that likes to put your own twist of trendy items, it can also serve as a tool to make the best informed decision when buying clothes. Press play and scroll to see the hottest trends this summer and my top picks. 


Shirt dress 

Shirt dresses are soon to be all the rage this summer. I like the fact that they are flattering for all shapes. The freer forms of the dress are also great for the inevitably warmer weather. You won't feel constricted or sweaty. It's a simple option for a grab and go type of day. Best for summer brunches and cookouts. 



Outerwear doesn't have to take a break just because the weather warms up. Sleek robes are the new dusters this summer. They are made of thinner materials and also come with ties. Many of them are coming in vibrant stripes and silk, so they a no brainer pairing with basic summer dresses. Best for sitting by the pool or a casual chic addition to your workwear.  



THe freelance shoulder 

The cold shoulder trans has consistently shown up for the last 3-5 seasons and has no signs of waning. The new variation? The freelance shoulder. This is a one sided oversized shoulder that lays more openly than a  tradition off the shoulder collar. If you have broader shoulders or a bigger bust, this can be your preferred version of the off the shoulder trend. You don't have to worry about the traditional elastic riding up with the slightest movement. Move with comfort, ease and style. Best for running errands or spicing up cocktail hour.  




The color of summer is officially yellow. No apologies in this color. None at all. But there is no need to be scared. Yellow is a vibrant color that captures the #summertimefine theme that this summer may bring. Try a yellow skirt or shoes for a pop of unexpected color.