BET Awards: Best Dressed | IN THE NEWS

The BET awards were held this Sunday in Los Angeles,California. I love the BET awards because the fashions always run the gamut, never leaving a dull moment. Although I do appreciate the performances ( The New Edition tribute was my favorite part!) and congratulate everyone who won the awards, I want to focus on of course the fashion. I'll pick just a few of my absolute favorites. Keep scrolling to see who made the cut.


Cardi B is making a splash in both the rap and fashion game. This look did not disappoint. She kept it very sexy with her signature plunging neck line.  I love this look because of the boldness of the red, her choice to go monochrome and the ability to make it pop even more with a platinum blonde bob. She chose to keep accessory simple and I agree.  The suit speaks for it self and she does a great job at pulling it off.  Congrats Cardi B!



Issa Rae has become more and more stylish by the day and this look is proof of it. She chose to do something that many people do but in a way that most don't dare to try. She took a classic blazer as the focal point of her look. She chose such vibrant colors and didn't back down by simplifying her accessories or hair. she kept both just as bold all the way through. This made something that was probably going to be more casual and bumped it up to glam, making it perfect for the BET awards. the only thing I would have changed would be the color of the shorts. Otherwise this look is on point.



Little mama is going through a style evolution and I am absolutely here for it. she's always been a gorgeous woman,but now she is embracing this effervescent glam style.  I cannot get enough it.  She chose to take this classic number and make little more sexy with a split goes up high and a neck line that goes down low. The metallic platform heels polish off this look in a way that I think many should take note of.


Leslie Jones

Now you know I had to give props to the lady in green! Leslie Jones is not only the host of the show, but she also rocked the red carpe.t She is owning this look. For those of you who have slimmer hips or don't have a well-defined waists, she has maximized her leg real estate and maximized her cleavage. This adds volume to her body in complementary places. She has chosen to make this a sexy look and keep it funky in a way that only she can. she has also kept it simple with the accessories.  This vibrant green is making her deep toned skin pop even more.  



Sky Jackson is officially on my "Can do no wrong style" list.  This girl just gets it.  She has the ability to not only dress for her age, but keep it fun, fashion forward and keep you guessing.  I love the appliqué lips that form a print. She is always able to make things pop and this look is no different. I am actually looking for this dress in my size ASAP.

Which look was your favorite? Is there a look you loved that I didn't mention? Tell me in the comments below.