What a potato taught me about style & purpose | STYLE ADVICE

Now before you write me off as loopy here me out. lol.

It all started with sending a friend to the store for party food. She called and asked me what type of potato I wanted. I didn't know so she asked what was it's purpose. LIGHTBULB!


Think about it. How many types of potatoes are there? Too many to count. They each have different looks, colors, best uses, taste. DIFFERENT EVERYTHING. That's how I had to start thinking about people and their style. We are all unique in our own way, designed to be best used in different ways for different reasons. That's the beauty in individuality. No one can do you quite like you. You can't ask a sweet potato to taste and function like a Russet. Your style is simply an extension of that--it's who you are, your purpose and personality. That's the power of style. It can be a tool to speak for you in a way words can not. So you're sweet like sweet potato pie, be that boo. More savory and hearty like some garlic mashed potatoes? Embrace it. 

Now that I'm craving potatoes, I'll leave you with some questions-- Do you know your personality, purpose and how to communicate effectively with confidence and style? It's ok if you don't; that's why I'm here. Come talk to me. Seriously. Let's have a chat to see how we can get you in the right direction. Give me 30 minutes of your time and I promise to bring more solutions than you have problems. Sign up here for your free 30 minute discovery call.You'll even receive a PDF that includes my recommendations and a recording of our call. Give yourself the gift of style now. Can't wait to talk to you!