What type of shopper are you? | Style Advice

Over the course of this Labor Day weekend you're probably looking around websites and in stores to find some great deals. It's time like this that you need to remind yourself of what kind of shopper you are. It may seem like it's not necessary, but sometimes knowing the type of shopper you are can help you avoid a few pitfalls.



* Headwrap- Target * Top- Shein * Leggings- Eloquii * Shoes- Forever21 *


The type of shopper you are directly correlates with how you feel about yourself. For example there are insecure shoppers who shop according to what they hate as opposed to what they love.  Not understanding that when you shop like this, you never truly find clothes that you actually want to wear; just clothes that you hate a little less than others.

There's also those of you who are label shoppers-- you don't like to wear clothes unless it is a name brand or unless you get an extreme deal on them.  Sometimes during weekends like Labor Day, weekend prices are spiked up to be cut down only by 20%. It makes it seem like you get a deal when in fact you're paying more for something that cost less not even two weeks ago.  On the flip side, name brands that are making you go to places like outlet malls, don't tell you that the outlet pieces are not manufactured by the same company as their high-end pieces. Then there is the mannequin shopper.



They trust the mannequin or the store display to the point where they will buy it off as is, no questions asked.This just compounds wasting time, energy, money and frustration.  All of these types of shoppers are about the clothes, sales and store,  but not about the most important aspect-- YOU. You should be the most important aspect when shopping. That is why I suggest you become a closet shopper. A closet shopper is someone who knows who they are, and the value in the clothes that they wear. Once you are a closet shopper, you are aware of everything that you wear hats value because you are valuable. No insecure shopper here.

Closet shoppers also know that the label does not dictate quality value. Definitely not a mannequin shopper. You can stop in front of your closet and know that every piece is going to be representative of who you are and what you have to say.  More than that, you can also take a little and make quite a lot. I myself am a closet shopper and I know that I can take just 10 pieces of clothing and dress myself for the whole month. If you want to change the way that you shop , dress ,and style, come join me  here.