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Wakanda Chic: Looks inspired by the Black Panther Red Carpet premiere

Wakanda Chic: Looks inspired by the Black Panther Red Carpet premiere

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Tomorrow  the movie Black Panther premieres nation wide to sold out crowds. All over social media, people have shared their varying levels of excitement. The excitement reached fever pitch levels when pictures of the Black Panther Red carpet (actually Purple carpet) were released. Unlike any red carpet event in recent recall, many of the cast wore African inspired wear bountiful in color, design and heritage. Social media was in awe of it so much, everyone was clamoring to recreate the looks. You know your style BFF couldn't leave you hanging, so I have recreated some of the most buzz worthy ensembles so you can have your own piece of Wakanda. 

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Lupita Lupita LUPITA!!!!!  *sigh* What is there to say other than BRAVA!!! Lupita wowed with this regal purple ensemble adorned with a show stopping body chain. If you want to recreate her look, opt for bling overlaying a simple purple gown. If you don't want your arms out, try a  purple pashmina . Her choice for a plunging neckline accentuates her slimmer frame. If you want a similar look on a more conservative scale, try for a V-Neck. It will add dimension without adding too much skin. For plus size divas, body chains can be tricky, so opt instead for arm and head bling. I love to take a necklace and adorn my head. If you have a larger head, a necklace as a headpiece will accommodate. 

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Janelle Monae did not come to play with this ensemble. It's a great mix of aft-centric chic and formal. I absolutely love this look! I had to modify the look for the stylista who has to sit in the theatre because ball gowns don't fit well in theatre seats. (Trust me I've First I went with a simple more aline dress. I love the splash of blue Ms. Janelle had to accentuate her waist, so I obliged the same for my look. It's important that se did this , because it would be easy for her petite frame to be swallowed up in the abundant proportions. It made sense to pair statement accessories with such a simple black dress. Try a multi colored geometric necklace, if your neck is too short or thick to wear a choker comfortably. Most importantly, embrace the kufi. EMBRACE THE KUFI. It is a great departure from the typical headwear and can add a chic twist to any look. It was hard to find a good dupe for Ms. Janelle's sleeves, but I compromised with a bomber jacket. If you want a closer recreation, try a sheer cardigan with billowy sleeves. 

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Ms. Issa Rae looked absolutely radiant in her crisp white ensemble with colorful ombre accent. I did a few things to make this an equally radiant glam look. First find a crisp white top/dress and style around this piece. I chose a sequined skirt because the ombre green may be a harder find and I loved the trumpet cut for the skirt. To still incorporate color and have a plus size friendly belt, I opted for my go to secret--a scarf. Yeas a scarf. I haven't worn a belt in years because scarves are a better fit for my plus size body. Scarves have more inches, can be worn more ways and don't cut into you like a belt can. It also looks more polished. I kept the ombre green theme with the accessories. If you want something similar, search for green ombre.

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Mrs. Angela Bassett can do no wrong in my eyes. This look proves it. I opted for a fringe dress instead of a fringe jumpsuit simply because I'm a dress girl. Also because I know many plus size bodies have easier times fitting in dresses. Your recreation can be closer to her choices. This look is pretty straightforward-- yellow everything. Your only choice is how much fringe is too much. My choice? In this look, more is more. I opted for fringe in all the accessories and let it do the talking. The only thing I would change is having this look in green, but eh.. I'm biased. :cD


While you're eating your popcorn and watching cinematic history, rest easy knowing you are Wakandan chic in the company of other like minded stylistas. Let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments!


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