Top 3 misconceptions about your bodies & clothes | STYLE ADVICE

In my personal stylist journey I have met a plethora of women from all walks of life, experiences and tastes. But there are a few commonalities that, no matter your background, are consistently plagues most. I've decided to pluck and address the top three untrue grievances women hold against their bodies and their style.


1. ) Your body is shaped too weird to properly dress.

This is the top grievance that I work tirelessly to eradicate. Every body is beautiful and uniquely made. That does not mean that it is impossible to dress. What IS impossible to dress is self hate and complacency. That is why as a stylist, I actively change the approach to how you view it. Your body isn't weird, THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS. There is no standard sizing system, the size range most women fall in is sold as specialty sizing (AKA PLUS SIZE) and less than 1% of all clothing retailers are consistently advertised above a regional scale. All of this in an effort to sale you a false bill of goods that your body is weird and hard to accommodate. Any seamstress, tailor will tell you different. Mass produced clothes aren't meant to fit you perfectly. They are meant to fit as many people relatively acceptable. Take the time to learn your body and how it's made and you will soon learn of its beauty as a standard that clothes must live up to. Change the narrative. 


2. ) Shopping online is too hard and not worth the risk.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And with many malls and standalone stores closing at alarming rates nationwide, it may soon be your only option. I think it's harder to shop in person for most people. Think about it--unless you're in a big city, you as a plus size woman usually have maybe 3 choices--Torrid, Ashley Stewart and JC Penny. Having access to the regional pickings of three places is limiting. You shouldn't accept that as the be all, end all. There are literally thousands of websites for Plus size women covering every need you can't find locally. Plus there are a ridiculous amount of incentives to shopping the store online that aren't offered in person. (That post is coming soon) Do a quick google search or hit up your style BFF who already has dozens or websites organized to fit your needs. (Hint Hint: Click here)


3. ) Body shapes only apply to smaller bodies.  

One of the first questions I ask anyone I work with is "What are your measurements and body type". 9 times out of 10 the answers are "I don't know my measurements and I use to be a(n) _____ when I was smaller. " The problem with this statement is thinking larger bodies do not hold there inherent shape. Usually if you are round larger, you were that way smaller. Yes weight shifts, but you can still be a larger version of the same shape. There are just as many hourglass beauties at a size 28 as there are at a size 8. The number on your tag is irrelevant to how your body is naturally formed. You can have the same body type of your younger self, there is just a little more surface area to work with. For example both Salma Hayek and Oprah Winfrey are the same body type. They both execute exquisite style by working with and not against their natural forms.


If any of these misconceptions resonate with you, it's time to revamp. Ask your self a few questions: What do I notice about my body? What do I love about my body? How can I learn more about my body in order to accentuate not only my form, but my personality. If you need a little more help, contact me @ . Let's talk about how to get you in the road to fabulous. 


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