Karl Lagerfeld Stitch Fix Rant | In the News

I'm not going to waste your time and make you think I'm over the moon about Karl Lagerfeld. I'M NOT. He is no stranger to tactless comments about plus size women you can find here. He's never been a fan of plus size women and since, this plus size woman hasn't been a fan of his. He has however, decided to venture into the Plus size industry in a recent collab with Stitch Fix.  The collab , per fashionista.com, is detailed as follows:

"Karl Lagerfeld Paris (KLP), the eponymous, accessible brand the German creative icon launched in 2016 as part of his branded empire, began offering 15 classic feminine styles — think tweed blazers, pearl embellished knits, floral printed midi skirts — for Stitch Fix starting in April, with a refresh in May, followed by a new collection of fall options in August. Prices range from $39 to $148 (mid- to low-range prices compared to Stitch Fix’s existing offerings) and include sizes 1X to 3X and 14W to 24W."
The sudden appeal to a lower end price and larger bodies is keeping on trend with the exploding profits in plus size wear. I searched and found some pieces for review below

Lagerfeld should have stayed where he was. Many of these pieces look matronly and underwhelming. There are some redeeming pieces , but overall I'm not impressed. I love that some plus size bloggers have made it work with cute ensembles, but it's a strong no for me. Plus you would have to subscribe to stitch fix to even have access to the pieces and see the rest of the collection

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 1.11.08 pm.png


I know the tone of this blog is decidedly negative, but I believe it is warranted. What gives? This is yet another example of someone who obviously hates larger bodies , but wants their money. NO thanks. You can keep your ugly clothes and I can keep my money. What are your opinions? Let me know in the comments below.