Met Gala 2018 | Red Carpet Review

Another year, another Met gala. But this one was a bit different. The theme was controversial "Heavenly Bodies". Many yelled sacrilege, but the Vatican gave the official approval nod and everyone made their best statements. Let's look at my top picks.


At this point it's like Rihanna is just inviting us to her to her slay party. She plays proportions, fabric and colors well. Wearing lots of fabric doesn't mean frumpy nor does it have to overwhelm your body. Take a tip form Rihanna and play with lengths. Long duster, short dress. Ornate head piece, simple shoes. 

Solange came with avant grade with a hint of Tyrone. lol. Her look was all black and she rocked a head piece that topped a du rag and she still served glam. She uses the same formula as Rihanna and uses atypical textures to bring out her radiant skin. I love her fearlessness. 

J.lo Is a master of making anything work in what works for her. High slit, strategic, flattering cutouts and high glam. Her trademark.  Take note. Never adjust to trends and parameters. Make them adjust to you. 


Chadwick is omy secret celb crush and this look just cements why. He's not afraid to take risks with his fashion or rock ornate clothing. Men can wear capes too. `The gold and white was never too much and the gold shoes were a great touch.

Lena Waithe chose to make a big statement and it paid off. Not only was her cape expertly designed, but the colors all complimented her confident look. Take a note from Ms. Waithe and never apologize for who you are.

And last but certainly not least, Ms. Cardi B. She is a glowing mother to be who accentuated her tummy expertly. Ladies with a tummy, TAKE NOTE. She added volume to the sides and added volume up top. Without prior knowledge, it would be hard to tell she was carrying a bundle of joy. She is here to stay and here to slay!


Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments !