3 solo date ideas for improved confidence | Confidence & Self love

Part of getting to love yourself is getting to know yourself. If you go on dates to get to know others, why not do it for yourself? It makes you embrace the concept of “alone, but not lonely” while teaching you to enjoy your own company. Many don’t enjoy themselves so getting out there and slaying it by themselves. Take any of these ideas to

Groupon roulette

Let Groupon do the work for you. Pick a number 1-10. Then go to Groupons homepage and hover over the local tab, scrolling down to “Things to do” section. Remember that number you picked? Scroll down to the corresponding posting and buy it. So if you picked 7, scroll to the 7th posting and do that activity. You can always narrow the options to fit your budget. I have done a pottery class, racecar driving (NEVER AGAIN.LOL) and even a trash museum. I love the random adventure this brings. It keeps you on your toes and allow you to let go a little bit.


Budget Date

Set a strict budget (Never over $100) and pick an outfit, food and activity with the budget. Make sure you have you budget in cash. Make it creative—limit yourself to only places beginning in C, or you can only shop at a thrift store for your outfit. Or doing it all in one shopping plaza. Maybe try doing it two towns over.


Pamper Day

You can do this at home or out and about. If it’s a home pamper day, use face masks, a hot foot bath with epsom salt and some nail polish and chocolates, or gummies. Watch your favorite movies and eat a little sushi while doing nothing but relaxing for 3-4 hours. If you’re going out, save up for a full spa day of full masssage, facial, mud bath . THE WORKS.


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