3 WAYS TO STYLE: BLACK MAXI DRESS | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

When I received this black maxi dress from SWAK design, I knew it was an instant staple and an instant keeper. It was able to go off the shoulder, one shoulder, maxi dress that also had the batwing effect. It's a great piece for almost all sizes and body types. So I knew I had to create some looks just around this piece of alone. If you find yourself with a p similar to this you have at least five different outfits based around this piece of long. Let's dig into the looks.

Although the maxi dress has a dress casual feel to it, I like to play up contrasting looks. Putting a bomber jacket and some Jean Flats on with this gives it a casual cool look. That's a contrast with where the piece naturally leans. I'm almost ashamed to say how many times I've thrown this look together to go on errands around town. It's so comfy and allows you to feel like you get the best of fashion and function. Because you do.


Never one to wear a piece one way,  I knew that this dress could be turned into all different shapes of tops. Whether, you tuck it, use hem tape, you can transform this dress into any piece you want. I decided to go simple and knotted around my waist. It allows the free-form dress to have a fitted look. With some jeans and a pair of gold earrings, I'm all set.


A great way to repurpose a piece is to take it from Star to Supporting Cast. What I mean by this is, for example, the maxi dress is a one-piece outfit that needs little to no additions. You can really wear it by itself and it is fine. What another way to repurpose this piece is to make it more of a layering top instead of the focal point one piece by itself. I've combined it with a duster and skirt up inverted Prince and allowed it to be the bridge between the two colors wise. This way you focus on the prince and not the top but it still serves a purpose.


Maxi dresses are some of my favorite pieces to style. The versatility and he's in which it moves makes it for a classic must have in many wardrobes. How do you style your maxi dresses I would love to see them.