3 WAYS TO STYLE: Black/white Print | Style Inspiration | Lookbook

If you have not noticed by now,  I am loving my black and white capsule wardrobe. I've been using the same 11 pieces for the past couple of months.  If you want to know the process behind that, check out more here. In my mixing and matching, I have fallen in love again with black and white print. But first it was me trying something out and I found myself being drawn more and more to black and white print as I was restocking my closet. After using this capsule to get it out of my system, I realize that it's here to stay. So let's dig into how I capitalize off the black and white print.


This look is what I call flirty fun. In my transition from Young 20 something to Young 30 something,  I have found that I want a little bit of both worlds. Something to reflect where I've come from and where I'm going. This look is the perfect representation of that. The ruffle billowy sleeve trend has stayed yet another season and I am making the most of it. A classic print skirt and I’m cocktail hour ready.  Although my cocktails are usually a double shot of apple juice.


I find myself leaning more towards jeans than I previously have in the past. I'm usually not a Jeans type of girl. But I love to play within this capsule to see how I would play up jeans as if it's my standard. This look gives me tomboy Chic aesthetic that I absolutely love. It's comfy.  It’s not too fussy . It allows me to get things done in my day-to-day life. What else could I want?


Why not go for Max black and white print? I love the inversion of black-and-white that allows the eye to interpret this as two different prints that are similar. In actuality, it's really the same print with inverted emphases. It gives the eyes some break from all the prints by having that little contrast. But we already know a little change goes a long way.


I have enjoyed every bit of this black and white lookbook series. So many outfits have come from just 10 pieces. If you want to create a capsule of your own, let’s create your 10 piece masterpiece today.