3 WAYS TO STYLE: Co-Ordinates | Style Inspiration

Coordinate outfits have been a staple in fashion for at least the past five years. They are not going anywhere and for good reason. They offer the ability to mix and match or have a ready to go look of separates with ease. Don't get too comfortable though. Push yourself to think outside the box and maximize this current fashion Staple in your closet.

I have fallen in love with this black and white print coordinate set from Shein. It is stretchy, comfortable and allows me to navigate my capsule wardrobe with ease. Remember it's all about function and fashion. There doesn't need to be a compromise and this coordinate set allows me to have both in abundance. These looks are just an extension of my overall 11 piece capsule wardrobe that you can preview here. Let's dig into the looks.


This first look keeps it simple Chic. I love nothing more than the crisp white blouse contrast against a print or dark color coordinate. It is going to give you a classic look that is instantly pulled together without too much trouble. If you're like me and love the opulent little details this top is perfect for you. I chose it because I loved the Pearl details around the wrist and the fact that it gives me a billowy feel in the sleeves.


This next look is all about minimal effort but Maximum Impact. It was easy to do since the coordinates already made an outfit and simply placing a bomber jacket on top created a new look. This look Work because it is the same print inverted. Whereas the coordinates and precise the black with white lines, the bomber jacket is the exact opposite. The contrast makes the difference and allows me to feel like I'm mixing prints without actually doing so.


When all else fails, combine a print with a texture. This look is as easy as it comes. The coordinate top is perfect to layer underneath this drift it velvet dress. It provides me covering for the top of my arms but doesn't drag all the way down to the bottom of the dress so I'm constantly adjusting the lair. This is a great option if you simply want to break up your coordinates without doing too much. Simplicity is key


This small lookbook allows you to understand the importance of mixing and matching to maximize all the clothing in your wardrobe. It only took four pieces to create three distinct outfits in this lookbook. Try to replicate this in your own closet to see what you like and what don't.  Black and white never has to mean boring. Which look was your favorite?