3W2S: Velvet Skirt

When I first saw the skirt, I simply said “Velvet, old velvet, will you be mine?” I love velvet.  The fabric exudes elegance to me. And in this experimental phase of my style, I decided that I'm going to add as much velvet to my wardrobe as I can stand in this Florida weather. So when I found this velvet skirt it checks all the boxes-- long, frilly and fun.


The first look is so simple. Simple has always made an impact to me. After all simple never means boring; it just means fundamental. This white bumblebee shirt is my favorite white tee at the moment. So of course throw it on with anything and it's an instant fun, flirty look. I’ve also been experimenting with my earrings. I decided to go with just the slightest pot of color and a little Fringe to add yet another layer of texture to the look.


The second look is honestly my attempt at experimenting and I must be honest. I'm having mixed feelings. I love making long skirts into dresses by simply pulling them over my bust and putting on some sort of outerwear for a different look. But the waist on this one seemed a little tighter around my bust, making it a little awkward. Although I think the look can work, I don't think it quite works with this skirt. It's not for lack of trying. How else would I know it didn't work unless I tried it out? I still included it with the three ways to slay because although I don't like it, maybe it can still be an inspiration to others. In terms of style, I don't believe in mistakes, just lessons.  


My husband says that this third look is part cigarette smoker,part fortune teller. After I giggled hysterically, I must say that I agree. It still looks cute, so I still decided to wear it and put it up. I'm all about having fun and having a laugh at yourself. Style is a very important part of who you are and what you have to say, but it should not be so serious that you can't even breathe a little. This velvet skirt and long cheetah print combo is a type of print mixing. If you know that you aren’t quite comfortable with print, try a texture. It'll have the same effect. Whether or not you can successfully tell fortunes, is another blog post all together. lol.

Ciao for Now

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