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The purpose of this review series is to bring you the good, bad and ugly of online plus size fashion. Through my reviews I hope to bring attention to great under appreciated sites while warning you of sites not in the best interest of a plus size shopper. 

This is not a sponsored post. 

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My first time coming across the Debshops website was through a random google search for a plus size store. I went right away to their About Us page which stated:


I was interested because I think I'm the only girl who hasn't bought any of the "trendy Instagram boutique" items. So I quickly went to their sizing Chart.


Unlike  the trendy Instagram boutiques, Debshops has a very good detailed sizing chart. This includes a measuring instructional. The measurements had gaps in them. (They are missing 3-4 inches between L and XL and 1 inch between all plus sizes)  The plus sizes do run big by most size chart standards, which I appreciate. Onto the clothes.


The site is  very straight forward. I judge a plus size section by their dresses and skirts. I notice rayon--LOTS of Rayon. I realize that this is a "young trendy" site, but it was very little cotton or other thicker fabrics offered. Even the denim skirts were more than 50% rayon. The prices were slightly lower than Instagram boutiques, so I continued to look. There was no place for customer reviews, but there were plenty of pictures. I quickly purchased some cute basics once I realized I could use a 40% coupon code. That sale was definitely a plus.

I ordered

a basic skirt

 in 2 colors,  and 

a basic faux wrap dress

 in three colors. (Not my normal move, but they were cute at an even cuter price.) The Pros: The clothes fit amazingly well. I was impressed at the quality of the skirts especially for the price. They were thick and well made. The Cons: The dresses were REALLY thin. Thinner than the standard dress of this kind. I  bought them knowing they were rayon. LESSON LEARNED. They fit so well that I will wear a slip with tights and tough it out.:cD. The only other complaint I had was the shipping--8 days. I'm glad my coupon code also provided free shipping because after day 6/7, I would be upset at that extra cost.

My overall opinion of ? It's okay. I felt like I got my money's worth for what I was buying and the site lived up to its "About Me" page. It is a little better than your average online store that offers trendy clothing options. The Navigation was easy and, with a coupon code, the prices are definitely competitive.The overall quality was balanced with hits and misses. I will order again, but carefully.



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Pro Tip: Sign up with them to receive a 20% discount code. Also wait for sales to score great deals on basics. 

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