EGCTV #001: Haul

Emerald Girl Chronicles is officially on IGTV! I took it upon myself to celebrate by sharing a haul of cute pieces I picked up from Keep scrolling to see thew video haul, links to the items and some tips on how to care for the items. Dig in! 





Both of these dresses are great "grab and go" pieces for when you're running errands from day to day. The geometric sheath dress works well for virtually every body type and is easily customizable to to your shape with a short trip to a tailor.





Both of these tops contain hardware on them hooch means one thing: extra laundry care. To lengthen the shelf life of the tops, take it to the dry cleaners. Not only will the color stay crisper for longer, but the hardware will not tarnish. If something falls off, they may even be able to reconnect hardware. 



Both of these dusters are great starter pieces if you are new to shopping Asian based websites as a plus size woman. Since they are made to lay open and be free flowing, it can easily accommodate 


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Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 1.31.38 pm.png

Blazing the office: Top blazer/Cardigan picks for workwear

When most women think office wear, they think stiff grey and black pants suits with lots of structure and scants of style. No ma'am ! You can have your own version of a power suit everyday and still be effortless chic. To prove that, we start at the pillar of office wear-- The blazer. It's a staple that is almost a non negotiable part of the office standard. Instead of falling into the same blasé blazer routine, take a few of my current fave finds and spice your Fall office wear with style. Keep scrolling for links.  


Old Navy

Pyramid Collection

The first way to break out of the Blazer rut is to change up the color. Call me biased, but green is a great alternative color to blue, black and grey. If you don't want to venture out into hues too bright, opt for an olive or deep green. Each of these picks offer a casual chic touch that can still be dressed up with a crips button up and slacks. 



If you are more of a classic grey and black ind of women, no worries. You can still switch it up without much work. Opt for classic prints like grid patterns or a different texture. The smallest changes can add the biggest punch. All of the options offer another new twist--length. Let go of the options that hit you at the hips. For many body types it creates a stumpy look and quickly becomes unflattering. The new standard is all about long silhouettes that draw to longer lines  and a more polished look. Perfect for on or off the clock .



Which piece from the group is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and grab any one of these today. 




At this point, I have a closet full of dresses. More specifically short, sleeveless dress. With my style going through yet another change, I am incorporating more dresses into my eclectic style. It brought something to my attention-- many people don't layer their dresses like their pants and skirts. I think it's the best thing you can do for your closet. 




Dress- NY & CO (SIMILAR) | TOP -  SHEIN 


I think of it pretty logically. A dress is a shirt skirt combo. It should be treated by such. Once you think of it as pieces of a unit instead of a complete unit, you style as wanted. . I will focus on this very technique with another installment of 3 Ways to Slay very soon.  




| Dress- NY & CO (SIMILAR) | TOP -  SHEIN |


You must think outside of the box when it comes to your style. An article of clothing does not have to have only one  purpose. Most of the clothes you wear can be repurposed, or used for different looks. It simply takes creativity and personality. Once you think of each article as a piece of a look instead of a complete look, you open up the possibilities for a signature style. But it starts with you.

When you get dressed tomorrow, ask yourself how you can style that a line dress a little differently. A top noted at the side? A tunic? A circle skirt? Try it out once this week and tell me in the comments.

If you find yourself still stuck and uninspired, you may need a detox. Sometimes we face lots of "noise" in our closets-- pieces you don't like, that don't like you and that you never wear. That's why I created my Wardrobe Detox. It's a series of masterclasses that help get rid of the mess and allow you to only wear your best. You can find more details here and sign up. Your closet will thank you. 

Ciao for Now,

"Basic" clothes feat. Eloquii | 3 Ways to Slay

The word basic has taken on a few negative connotations in the last few years. One of its implications is that its underwhelming. I believe the definition needs to be redefined. Basic for me is equivalent to essential. Essential pieces are building blocks to crafted a style all your own. Style is all about balance. Overstated paired with understated; bright and bold with muted and classic. Balance comes in opposites. To prove this point I'm releasing another installment of 3 ways to slay centered around a "basic" top. This particular top comes from JC Penny and it is definitely an affordable essential. The 3 looks include pieces from Eloquii to show you how to combine trendy with basics. Eloquii is fast becoming the go to store for trendy chic womenswear. The three looks highlight Eloquii with my "basic" clothing option to give you the idea of how to maximize the style potential of basics.  Remember-- Balance is key. Keep scrolling for outfit details.

Chambray button up: Old Navy (similar) | Skirt: Eloquii (Similar)

I love to take flashy trendy items and "dress them down". The basic top and the chambray make the skirt more casual. It's the perfect way to spice up everyday wear without giving up trends or one's personal style. If I want a little more fun, tie the button up like a crop top. It makes the look just a bit more flirty. If you want to switch up more, change shoes.  What a difference a shoe makes, right?

Skirt: Eloquii (Similar) | Necklace:

The pencil skirt is a classic cut. I opted for this vibrant green to pair with the basic top. It's still classic but in an atypical color. My tip for this look is to try orange, green or lighter shades of purple skirts if you can find it. It will breathe new life into your basics and spark some creativity in your daily choices.  You know I'm a sucker for a statement necklace, so I chose smartly. I used lighter shades of green and blue to add a pop of color on top of color. It's the easiest way to break up monotony in a color block look if you need more. 

Pants: Eloquii | Poncho: Eloquii (Similar)

The best thing about a poncho is that it covers like a jacket and is free like a scarf. I love its flexibility. The only downside is that it may move as much as you do and fall off. I simply put a thin tie around it at my waist. It not only helps the poncho stay stationary, but its also a extra detail that ties your look together.

Hopefully each look inspires you to put more faith into your basics by incorporating them more and more into your looks.