How to shop at SHEIN Pt.1 | Shopping tips

In recent years, has become one of the more prominent sources of fast fashion. But with the popularity also comes skepticism. We have all seen the horror stories of people buying one thing and receiving something quite different. But I am a Shein pro.. I have been shopping with them for about five years at this point and I can tell what to do and avoid some of the pitfalls I fell for when I first started shopping. 


Open front Plaid coat


One of the best tips I can give you is to actually be realistic about the fast fashion that you ordered. Fast-fashion does not mean low quality but it does mean that they are trendy pieces that were only meant to be offered for one or maybe two seasons. For this reason, you're not going to get the same craftsmanship in this piece as you're going to get into maybe a luxury piece. It doesn't mean that you can't find great quality. It does that you just have to adjust your expectations. 

The pictures used are sometimes of models with great lighting who have no body fat. As a plus size woman I don't expect it to look the same on me. In fact, I'm banking on it looking nothing like it does when the model. It may seem counterproductive, but it's not. I know I have a different body type than most of the models on that website. I also know that I'm larger than the plus size models. It's just to give me a framework of how the pieces cut and framed. 


Top | Pants

KNOW THEIR RETURN POLICY WELL has one of the best and easiest return policies of any website that I have shopped on. It's part of the reason why I trust them enough to take a chance on some of the pieces. If you live in the United States, on your order page you simply mark pieces that you want to return.  You'll detail if they're too big/small or did not fit quite right. Then in about 24 hours you will be sent a postage stamp. You print it off and put it on the package. You only have to leave your home to ship it off or have it scheduled for pick up. It wast about a week on average for me to receive a refund. 




Understand that sizing systems are a place where expectations will never be met. It has no reflection on you. The number in the tag is irrelevant. The only reason for reference to the sizing chart is knowing where your measurements come in handy. 

It is very easy to become confused with shopping for your “size”. Accept this fact to be true-- while shopping on SheIn, the size that you usually order rarely matters when shopping on this website. One size XL will be another piece’s 5xl. I have over 20 pieces from SheIn and maybe 4  of them have the same size. I usually have to go to the largest size offered anyway, so I don't care what the tag says. I care how it fits.

 You are proving nothing to yourself trying to stick to your usual XL. Sometimes you will be a 5xl sometimes you will be a large. It depends on the cut of the piece and your measurements. That is why I always advise going according to your body's natural measurements. This is the waist, bust, and hip measurements. Use these numbers to navigate the sizing chart of each piece you want to buy. You can't just go off of one piece and then think that's a one-size-fit-all sizing for everything. Each page has a different sizing chart. Be mindful of this, and you succeed more often than not. 

This is just part 1. Part 2 that I'm covering next week on the blog is going deeper into details about the pieces themselves. There are so many tools you can use I still have issues from time to time. But extremely low percentage. Stay tuned for next week's tips so that you can become an expert at shopping best websites. 


How to master modestwear | Style Tips

This conversation is long overdue. And it’s partly my fault. For as long as I can remember I have been scared to use the word modest. Especially when it came to clothing. I shied away from the word because I knew I was guilty as everyone else.  There were only a couple of images that popped into my head once I heard the word modest wear. And in my defense, the only time that I did hear it growing up was to convey these ugly, dated fashions tied to particular religious beliefs. So it was no wonder that once I became an adult even though I dressed more modestly that I didn't identify with the term. I say all that to say I was wrong. Period. I'm in a space now where I'm okay with admitting that I'm wrong and okay with redefining words to have better connotations for myself and how I use them.

I embrace a more modest way of style. And it's not to say that I am advising it for all my clients or even you reading this right now. It just simply means that I am admitting that I love to dress modestly. And if you look back at my blog, for the most part, I always have. I rarely show my knees I usually have something even if it's form-fitting that it's longer I rarely let my arms out I always have on foundational wear and layers. It's just always been present. Now that I'm recognizing it,  I'm embracing it more within myself . Modest wear has become a big part of the fashion industry more than it has even in the last 5 to 10 years. So if you are leaning more towards modest wear or even dressing more, let's break this down together of how to master the art of modest wear.

Layer like a pro

The one constant that I see with so many modest wear bloggers is mastering the art of layering in a way that I don't see other places. The modest wear community will layer dresses on top of skirts on top of pants and however they want to configure their clothing. It's not in a way where it's too much or Humpty Dumpty. It’s masterfully and Tastefully done. To be able to know that a dress is a layering piece is such an eye-opening experience.  Making it apparent that any and everything in your closet is a layering component allows you to see your clothes in a different light. I implore you to please try this approach even for a week. What's the worst that can happen?

Master the Maxi

When all else fails it's about the maxi. Both dress and skirt. Think about the ways that you can combine a maxi dress or skirt. Within your layering it's an all-in-one type of deal. You put on a simple top with maxi skirt and it still moves like a dress.  You can put on a cardigan or vest and it's always going to be a pulled together look without having to try. Isn't that the entire point of all of this?

All in the application

The most important part of modest where is simply knowing that it's not the piece that has to be modest it's just the application. So that means you can shop anywhere. You can shop for that mini skirt or that spaghetti strap shirt, it's just the application. The miniskirt can easily go over a pair of tights or pants. The spaghetti strap dress can go over another shirt. The off-the-shoulder top can be put on top of a blouse. Again it goes back to that main principle of layering.  It is just about simply and strategically placing clothes on your body in ways that don't show as much skin. That's it.

So the next time you think modest is a word to represent antiquated or dated fashion ideas, check yourself. It's nothing of the sort. It's simply a way of opening your eyes to the creativity and possibility of dressing and layering in different ways. How will you incorporate a little modest wear in the way that you dress?


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Secrets of a stylish woman | Style Tips

Stylish is as stylish does. And yet so many women have questions about how to build keep and maintain their sense of style. I have found many of them hold the same principles and ideas true to not only their closet but to their lives let's break down the most common characteristics.

Tailoring is non-negotiable

  • You are custom made.  So should the feel, look and fit of your clothing.  That will never be a negotiable.

Accessories can be ornamental or fundamental

  • You can use accessories as the inspiration to create a look around or you can use accessories as the pivot point to adding a splash of wow to a basic or not so basic ensemble

A well-supported frame is A well-dressed one

  • Foundational wear of any kind will allow your clothing to lay flat without budging and bulking up. Even if it's a slip or a pair of tights, a little goes a long way

If it doesn't work one way, it will another way

  • You always know the fun is in trying to find the new and the unexpected

Basics ensure you always have options

  • You know basics are foundational. You can build with them or upon them as you please. You never run out of options as long as you know to mix and match

Less is more and more is more depending on the day

  • You're not beholden to so many different rules regulations. You are held to what you feel like that day and what part of your personality you want to show.  Style is what you make it. Sometimes you want to accessorize a lot, sometimes a little. Sometimes you want to go bold and sometimes you just want understated; whatever it is, is uniquely you


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How to create more outfits with less clothes | Style Tips

Having a small closet and even smaller collection of pieces to choose from, getting dressed can seem redundant. But there is a solution — maximize the small by treating it like a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of 5-30 pieces that are worn in different combinations. I have taken as little as 6 pieces and created over 15 looks using this technique. Today I’ll share my best kept secrets for making the most out of a little.

  1. Cover the basics

Don’t sleep on the simple piece in your wardrobe. A white tee/black blazer/ jeans still go a long way. Change the color of the tee or try a scarf over it to create a new look each time. Push yourself to wear at 2 looks this week made of at least three basics. Don’t wear that green pencil skirt with the same shirt every time. Try wearing it with a different shirt without repeating until you’ve gone through them all with the green skirt. A tee dresses it down and a blouse dresses it up. Throw on some sneakers or stilettos depending on your mood and voila! You’ll have at least 5 more outfit ideas you’ve never tried.

2. Layer everything no matter the season.

Don’t let that summer maxi dress collect dust , just because colder weather has come. Put a turtle neck underneath. Pair it with some tights and booties to get more milage out of that flowy dress. Tie it in a knot and layer it again over a skirt or some slacks. Don’t let the season dictate what part of your closet to use.

3. Accessorize

Remember that simple tee/blazer jeans combo I mentioned earlier? Try out different accessory combos each time. So try a scarf and bangles first. Then wear the scarf as a head wrap and try some statement earring s the second time. A waist belt and necklace can create a different third look. Make fun to wear and see if you don’t find a new way to wear your favorite pieces.



Top Basics for any wardrobe | Style tips

It’s hard to know what’s stylish with the ever changing trends coming by the flood every season. But having a strong style is knowing how timeless looks that are constant, no matter what trends are hot now. Throughout my own journey, I have found a few pieces that have stood the test of time, fashion and my ever changing tastes.

  1. Little black dress/ jumpsuit

A classic is a classic for a reason, right? I thin it’s time to update this classic to fit every need. The dress doesn’t have to be sleeveless. I personally don’t like my arms out at all if I can. Try a LBD with mesh sleeves or another print on the sleeves all together. Try one that plays with the neck line. Try a twisted or bardot neckline to give an updated vintage feel. Or go without the dress at all.

2. Jumpsuit

Many women don’t like dresses, but it doesn’t mean you go without a classic look. The jumpsuit has been reinvented many times over the past 100 years. That means it has staying and playing power. Try a nice textured jumpsuit or one with a high collar for a little added drama. Play up the new standard with a Peterpan collar. This is perfect for the stylista that likes her knees covered without a dress.

3. Print shoe

Let me make a case for the print shoe as a new classic. There are many tastes that are minimal and simplistic in nature. There are many that are not. Where all styles can be celebrated is footwear. No matter the size or taste, a print shoe can provide the pop a print can give without it taking over the look. A print can be as simple as a small stripe or as complex as a mixed print pattern. The shoe can make that simple jumpsuit or dress festive with little to no extra work. I also consider a textured she the equivalent of a print because of the contrast.

4. White shirt dress

This is an all in one piece for all seasons. You can wear it as a dress, cardigan, layering top, or underneath a sweater. It’s the ultimate piece or your wardrobe for the versatility alone. You should also never underestimate the clean look of a crisp white piece in your closet It truly goes a long way.

My top 4 basics will have your wardrobe luxe in no time. Even putting those four pieces together will yield you at least 5 distinct looks that are timeless and effortless. Do you have a favorite piece? Are any of these pieces in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


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How to look Luxe on any budget | Style Tips

Having the luxe look is made to seem unattainable without shelling out for $$$$ per piece. Luxe style is informed style, so anyone can have it. I’ve turned $2 dresses into red carpet worthy looks. It just takes some confidence and flexing your style muscle. Try my top 3 tips and turn into the queen of luxe in no time.

  1. Invest in tailoring

Any stylista worth her glam will constantly look for the finishing touches at the tailor. Buying the piece off the rack is just the starting point. How you buy it is NOT how you have to wear it. You have a custom made body. That means you require a custom made wardrobe that fits your unique body. If you’re petite, take those extra long pants into a local tailor or dry cleaners for a quick hem. Found a vintage dress with ugly sleeves? Turn it into a sleeveless tunic or top. The little snips here and there make all the difference.

2. Master wearing your white tops

White tops are so classic and universal. A crisp white blouse and a well fitted pair of jeans go a long way style wise with the right accessories. Having style is all about having versatility and creativity. If you can style that white top at least 10 different ways, you’ll never run out of interesting things to wear. Wear it under a summer maxi or over a tank top. Just don’t get caught up in “what’s right to wear” that you never get to what’s fun to wear.

3. Know your top 3 colors and stick to it.

Having your own go to color palette helps you set the tone for your own brand of fab like Coco Chanel in a little black dress. Find your undertones and see what shade of your favorite color works best with your preferences and your skin tone. I have cool undertones, so jewel toned blues and reds make my skin pop. If you want a simple color palette to start with white, your favorite color and black/gray. Add another splash of another color once you’ve mastered the first and color block until the cows come home.

4. Purge your closet until only the luxe remains.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the fabulous because yo have so many pieces you don’t or can’t wear. Purging your closet allows you to see past buying mistakes, understand what you really like. It will also be able to tell you what you really like because you kept it. The process can be overwhelming, but you know your style BFF wouldn’t leave you hanging. My wardrobe detox helps you clarify your closet while finding the luxe in your wardrobe you look forward to wearing everyday. Sign up here and get the luxe look in no time.

Never settle for anything less than the luxe look everyday. Utilizing any of these tips will ensure stylista status in no time. Which will you try first? Leave your choice below. Are you willing to purge your closet and start over to find your true style? Sign up for a wardrobe detox and find the luxe already in your closet.


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Best Jeans for Every Body Type Feat. My Beautiful Fluff Boutique

Jeans are a staple in every closet no matter the diva, style or personality. But all jeans aren't created equal or the same. Finding the right pair of jeans can be overwhelming, but your Style BFF is here to help. Today I'll share the best jeans for every body type and match them with my top picks from the fabulous My Beautiful Fluff boutique so you'll never have to guess again.

Let's start with body types. There are 5 basic body types: Hourglass, Apple, Licorice (straight), Inverted Triangle and Pear. NOTE: Body types have nothing to do with  size. You can be an hourglass at a size 4 or size 44. These body types are referring to the shape and contour of your body. Each body type has specific characteristics that inform you on how how clothes will fit. When it comes to jeans, this is paramount. 

Now that we have named the body types, we'll discuss them in detail and pick the best way to accentuate each one.





Your body is synonymous is symmetry. Most of your work is done, so jeans are usually an issue when made a bit boxy. Choose silhouettes that accommodates your fuller hips and thighs.

High waist jeans are an absolute must. Not wearing jeans that define your waist will cause your clothes to bunch it places it shouldn't. Also aim for fuller jeans to keep the balance of your already portioned body intact.If you want to spice it up, try a cropped jean in a darker wash. Pair them with the Curvaceous Curls tee from My Beautiful Fluff and voila!

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your hourglass shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.26.20 pm.png






As an apple body type, you often have to focus on your tummy. I offer a different perspective-- No that the tummy will be there and celebrate everything else. You have great legs, so your show that off. You're slimmer in the hips, so you will actually have an easier time with jeans if you know what to look for. 


Aim for a mid rise Jean. The will guarantee that the jeans are high enough to pull over your hips and low enough to not cut deep into your belly and create more bulge. Choose a thicker jean or a skinny jean to play up those beautiful legs. Pair them with the Signature Tank from My Beautiful Fluff and a blazer for effortless chic. 


Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your apple shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 1.29.50 pm.png



You have complete symmetry head to toe, so finding a pair of jeans will be straight forward. KEEP YOUR SYMMETRY. You have the best "problem"-- that everything is so even. Play that up with a simple pair of jeans. If you want something a little flashier, make sure you compliment that head to toe.


Try a low rise cuffed jean that is fuller at the bottom. It will not only add volume without bulk, it will give your overall silhouette some dimension. Pair it with a Kiss my Fluff tee to accentuate your symmetry. 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your licorice shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3






Your strong features shine in a great top, but jeans may leave you frustrated. In your case more is more is more. Embrace your individuality and let it shine through. 


Try ripped, acid wash and lighter wash jeans. It will add a fullness on the bottom that is naturally at the top. Try fuller cut cuffed jean for a chic twist on your jeans. Pair it with the Black and White baseball tee and a duster. 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your Inverted Triangle and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 Pic 3







Your curvy figure usually has problems with jeans fitting your hips and waist at the same time. While there are jean companies that cater to your curves, a tailor may be your best option. Most jeans are made with the licorice or inverted triangle body type. Don't be discouraged. It just means digging a little harder or coming to you style BFF for more answers. 



Try a fuller cut jean in a darker wash to balance a fuller mid section and smaller top. If you want a lighter wash, try boot cut. You want to make above and below the hip area seem as full as the hip area. Add a Keep Calm and Love Your Fluff tee and you're all set! 

Take some style inspo from the look to the right for your Pear shape and grab one of my top jean picks below. 

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3


A graphic tee and jeans are a classic combo that will never go out of style. Invest in a great pair of jeans and grab a tee from My Beautiful Fluff for a great go to for virtually every occasion from super casual to semi formal.



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Easy Shoe Hacks

Shoes were the last part of my style for fully form, so it was admittedly my weakest point. But I have created a system for all of my shoes that have saved me time, money and calluses. Interested? Keep scrolling.


This is a quick fix process that all shoes I wear must go through before I wear them. I often find that I don't have time to gradually break them in because the weather calls for an appropriate shoe. I simply fill a small ziplock bag halfway with water and insert it into the shoe. Freeze over night and voila! they are loosened just enough for you to walk comfortably without developing calluses.


Sometimes the rain gets the best of you and the inside of your shoes get wet. And nothing is worse than a shoe that has a damp smell because of sweaty feet/socks. Easy solution? Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda in the bottom of the shoe and place one medium piece of crumpled newspaper inside. let it stay overnight and by morning the shoe will dry and odorless.


Investing in shoe forms is a way to save you money and time. Not only do they protect shoes from retaining moisture, but they also help leather shoes from cracking while keeping its form longer. This is such a invaluable tool for my shoe collection. I have wide fat feet and they often breakdown the form of my shoes shortly after wearing them . That is no longer the case since I have found shoes forms. My favorite shoe forms are from Bed Bath & Beyond, found here.

These are just a few of the tips you can use to reform your own shoe collection. If you have any other tips you have found useful, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Ciao for now,

Blazing the office: Top blazer/Cardigan picks for workwear

When most women think office wear, they think stiff grey and black pants suits with lots of structure and scants of style. No ma'am ! You can have your own version of a power suit everyday and still be effortless chic. To prove that, we start at the pillar of office wear-- The blazer. It's a staple that is almost a non negotiable part of the office standard. Instead of falling into the same blasé blazer routine, take a few of my current fave finds and spice your Fall office wear with style. Keep scrolling for links.  


Old Navy

Pyramid Collection

The first way to break out of the Blazer rut is to change up the color. Call me biased, but green is a great alternative color to blue, black and grey. If you don't want to venture out into hues too bright, opt for an olive or deep green. Each of these picks offer a casual chic touch that can still be dressed up with a crips button up and slacks. 



If you are more of a classic grey and black ind of women, no worries. You can still switch it up without much work. Opt for classic prints like grid patterns or a different texture. The smallest changes can add the biggest punch. All of the options offer another new twist--length. Let go of the options that hit you at the hips. For many body types it creates a stumpy look and quickly becomes unflattering. The new standard is all about long silhouettes that draw to longer lines  and a more polished look. Perfect for on or off the clock .



Which piece from the group is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and grab any one of these today. 



Best transitional piece for Summer to Fall

Where at the top of the month of September. That means a few things. First we're only a few weeks away from fall and  the last quarter of the year. More importantly, September marks the transitional period from Summer to fall. . I've already made a huge weather transition going from Chicago to Florida, but I have been able to pick a  piece that allows me to feel comfortable no matter what weather comes my way. Want to know what that piece is? Keep scrolling. 


It's the T-shirt dress. It has been a big trend as of lately but I think you should keep it going into the fall season for a few seasons. First it's versatile. You can throw on a skirt or some leggings if it gets too cool or throw it over  a body con for a easy chic look perfect for warm weather. It can be a thinner cardigan or a dress as is. So many  outfit possibilities.


Neiman Marcus                   ELOQUII

T- shirt dresses are also great for so many different body types. Most of these type dresses are looser cut , so you can customize it to fit your shape. Wear a belt, accessorize wth a scarf, or on a transitional day, wear some booties. You get to compliment the best parts of your body. Have a larger belly? Wear it tucked in a maxi skirt or as a long cardigan with a tank and a slim pant. Fuller hips? wrap that scarf at your waist. 

Go out and grab a T-Shirt dress or two in time for fall . I've included my picks throughout the post and a few more below. 



Top style trends for Summer 2017

I always preach about how having a strong personal style should not be based solely on trends. it is, however, important to be aware of trends so you know the number and range of offerings from season to season. If you have a style that likes to put your own twist of trendy items, it can also serve as a tool to make the best informed decision when buying clothes. Press play and scroll to see the hottest trends this summer and my top picks. 


Shirt dress 

Shirt dresses are soon to be all the rage this summer. I like the fact that they are flattering for all shapes. The freer forms of the dress are also great for the inevitably warmer weather. You won't feel constricted or sweaty. It's a simple option for a grab and go type of day. Best for summer brunches and cookouts. 



Outerwear doesn't have to take a break just because the weather warms up. Sleek robes are the new dusters this summer. They are made of thinner materials and also come with ties. Many of them are coming in vibrant stripes and silk, so they a no brainer pairing with basic summer dresses. Best for sitting by the pool or a casual chic addition to your workwear.  



THe freelance shoulder 

The cold shoulder trans has consistently shown up for the last 3-5 seasons and has no signs of waning. The new variation? The freelance shoulder. This is a one sided oversized shoulder that lays more openly than a  tradition off the shoulder collar. If you have broader shoulders or a bigger bust, this can be your preferred version of the off the shoulder trend. You don't have to worry about the traditional elastic riding up with the slightest movement. Move with comfort, ease and style. Best for running errands or spicing up cocktail hour.  




The color of summer is officially yellow. No apologies in this color. None at all. But there is no need to be scared. Yellow is a vibrant color that captures the #summertimefine theme that this summer may bring. Try a yellow skirt or shoes for a pop of unexpected color. 

The search for the perfect white search | STYLE ADVICE

The white shirt is an iconic symbol of classic style. With many classic things, there are many differing versions of it. No matter the variation, it serves as one of the most versatile pieces you can own. There is, however, a very important fact to remember – ALL WHITE SHIRTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. I’m sure you may know this, but you may not know where to find quality shirts. You know the deal. I’ve done the work for you and am happy to share. Keep scrolling for my top picks and reviews.




Eloquii- If you are new, you must know one thing about me—Eloquii is one of my favorite stores. You will see it often. like now. This shirt is, not surprisingly of high quality. It has that perfect taut/stretch ratio that all women want out of their shirts. As an essential piece, it stands up to the wear and tear of multiple seasons of use. I love wearing this shirt because it makes me feel secure that nothingwill ride up and be exposed. 




JCP- This has been my standard for years.  The product’s quality has never changed, except to get better. It is not opaque, unlike many similar shirts from competitors. My favorite aspect about it is its softness. The other shirts I’ve come across were great in design, but had material that made me want to adjust all the time.  This shirt does not. I often rely on JCP for many of my solid basics because of their history with dependable quality. This shirt is no different. I have this turtle neck multiple colors, but the white is a repeat buy.


 Macy's - This shirt is a simply must have. It is stiff enough to have some form, but soft enough adjust to natural body movement. The quality is typical Ralph Lauren, so no need to worry. Don’t gasp too hard at the price. A solid white button up should be an essential item in your wardrobe. It is versatile and classic. For this reason, you must consider it an investment that pays for itself over time. This shirt will not disappoint you.


Hopefully my list has served as a great starting place for your standard whites. Which one is your fave? Leave your comments below. 


Ciao for Now,





Small Closet Hacks| STYLE ADVICE

Everyone is not blessed with the large remote controlled walk-in closet you see on Pinterest boards. Honestly I don't want a big closet. It would only beg to be filled and my budget is not about that life. lol. My closets for the most part have been average sized. That is until I got married. My closet real estate got cut in half, but my wardrobe did not. I had to look for solutions and fast. I have found a few solutions for those of us whose style aspirations exceed their square footage. Keep scrolling and pick up some of my best found tips.


This is a very simple, cost effective tip that saves not only time, but headaches.  Having more than one type of hanger contributes to bulk and clutter.  The bulk can obstruct the view of what exactly what’s hanging in there. It can also be unsightly and contribute to frustrating searches for specific items. Having uniform hangers prevents the chance of clothes falling off, while making it clear what piece is where in your closet. It also allows the clothes to lay flat. This allows more room which means more clothes. YAY! You can find my faves here---> Target

 If you have a small closet or live in a dorm room, this is a great alternative. Roll your underwear and fill each pocket to your liking. Hang on your door. This allows for you to fill your precious real estate with other items.


Use tension rods to add racks to corners or behind your original racks. It is also the most cost effective alternative for additional room. I would be careful with this tip. You can place lighter items on the rack. Think scarves and shirts. Heavy pieces like outerwear will weigh the rods down and make them fall. Perfect option for closet corners.


 I will admit that this one is a new find. Use a file sorter to hold socks, tights and other items like washcloths. This is good for people who share bathrooms or have a single dresser in their closet. 


Style isn't just for your clothes. Your closet needs some love too. Hopefully you have found one tip that helps you save some space time and money. What are some of your favorite space saving tips for your closet? Comment below.