OOTD 12.10.17- Ripping and Runway

Let's be honest--everyday can't be about lounging and relaxing. There is work to do and empires to build. Even during holiday season, the to do list can grow fast--get presents, plan parties, unexpected meet ups with out of town relatives--holiday season is in full swing. But running errands doesn't mean you have to look run over. Let's get into this holiday errand ensemble. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 3.01.38 PM.png

Duster: Similar| Top: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Similar

Take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level with a few tweaks. Opt for a simple embellishment on the jeans like the shredded hem or even a rare wash. Jeans universal for the ability to be comfy and chic. Combine that with another staple--the white turtleneck. Even here in Florida it's a crisp 60, so a turtle neck can come in handy. Dusters are the new layering accessory, so use it and use it well. Now to accessorize. A cute headband is casual chic without effort. It can also give you some function by keeping a cute pair of shades at bay. To top it off, grab a pair of silver oxford---they are very on trend and a welcome update to a shoe usually percieved as stuffy.  

Running errands never looked so chic, right? What piece is your favorite from the ensemble? Let me know in the comments!


OOTD 11.03.17

 I want to give a little style inspiration for all the happenings of life. As life progresses, so should your style. I thought maybe this December, we would style for all types of holiday gatherings-- company parties at the job, relaxing with friends and family, finishing some holiday shopping or even anticipating new years. Today's look is perfect for a holiday party without much fuss. 

Cropped sweater--  Diesel ,  similar  | Metallic skirt--  Harrods ,   similar  | Cocktail Ring --  DFV ,  similar  | Necklace--  David Yurman ,  similar  | Purse--  similar  | Shoes--  similar ,  similar

Cropped sweater-- Dieselsimilar | Metallic skirt-- Harrods,  similar | Cocktail Ring -- DFV, similar | Necklace-- David Yurman, similar | Purse-- similar | Shoes-- similar, similar

If you are looking for comfort, fun and an understated sly, look no further. Dressing up never means anything too flashy. A well placed contrast of fabric will do the trick. I suggest metallic or velvet this season like this outfit's focal point-- the metallic skirt. It moves easily, is a touch of glam and easy to style. I decided to style with classic black because nearly everyone has black and with an already established focal piece, you can afford to keep it simple.

When styling metallics, go for simplicity and texture. The combo is sure to always make an impact. It's a matter of keeping it simple while keeping functionality in mind. Thats why I paired a costume ring and necklace. Nothing too fussy. The heels are of course optional. If you want to be on trend a mule or embellished loafer would also work.  So when you're eyeing the snack table at the office party, or the desert table at the family Christmas dinner, sashay a little harder and give everyone a show. :c)


Ciao for now



Blazing the office: Top blazer/Cardigan picks for workwear

When most women think office wear, they think stiff grey and black pants suits with lots of structure and scants of style. No ma'am ! You can have your own version of a power suit everyday and still be effortless chic. To prove that, we start at the pillar of office wear-- The blazer. It's a staple that is almost a non negotiable part of the office standard. Instead of falling into the same blasé blazer routine, take a few of my current fave finds and spice your Fall office wear with style. Keep scrolling for links.  


Old Navy

Pyramid Collection

The first way to break out of the Blazer rut is to change up the color. Call me biased, but green is a great alternative color to blue, black and grey. If you don't want to venture out into hues too bright, opt for an olive or deep green. Each of these picks offer a casual chic touch that can still be dressed up with a crips button up and slacks. 



If you are more of a classic grey and black ind of women, no worries. You can still switch it up without much work. Opt for classic prints like grid patterns or a different texture. The smallest changes can add the biggest punch. All of the options offer another new twist--length. Let go of the options that hit you at the hips. For many body types it creates a stumpy look and quickly becomes unflattering. The new standard is all about long silhouettes that draw to longer lines  and a more polished look. Perfect for on or off the clock .



Which piece from the group is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and grab any one of these today. 



OOTD 10.18.17- Orange Jumpsuit (Workwear Inspo)

I work with many women in corporate industries who want more from their office wear. The simplest advice I can give is try something that speaks to your personality. Sometimes that means color. Other times that may mean killer accessories. Whatever it means to you, know workwear doesn't have to be frumpy. Define your own version of fabulous. If that doesn't come easy to you, take this Outfit of the day (#OOTD) and be inspired. Scroll for outfit details and tips.


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.56.52 AM.png

*Jumpsuits are a great go to for any body type. Choose wisely by finding jumpsuits that accentuate your favorite asset with favorable draping. This jumpsuit is great for stylistas who are fuller up top. It is a great compromise between fullness without adding bulk. 

Jumpsuit * Bag

*Keep it simple and go for solid colors if you want to strengthen your stye muscle. So many stylists in training think style comes with mixing points. It actually starts with mastering the basics of color. Start simple, build consistently and you'll be a pro in no time. This jumpsuit is the perfect Autumn burnt Orange that works on virtually every skin tone. 

Ring* Shoes* Bracelet

*A great fit doesn't have to mean tight. Aim for something that you can move easily in. You wear too many hats to feel constricted by fabric. A good fit is one that helps you walk with a smooth confident stride. That can mean a close fit to the body or an oversized cut. This jumpsuit meets in the middle. If you have naturally broader shoulders, the neckline with help accentuate it nicely. 

Take this #OOTD and apply it to your own closet with the items you have. If you feel like this outfit can be apart of your new normal, click on the links and grab yours now.