How to adapt the stay ready mindset | Lifestyle Tips

In this time of year, there's usually a lot of resolutions, reflections,  words of the Year, mindset shifts. I would like to offer my two cents that will help you not only feel less of a need for resolutions but get and keep you on the right track. It is the stay ready mentality.  Instead of getting ready, you stay ready. So what does that mean? You are always prepared for the good, bad or ugly of life because you know it's coming. It's not a matter of if you're going to have a little confidence that day, you know those days are going to be there. You’re still  fabulous in spite of it. You're prepared to always look your very best with your own glam bag either in your purse or in the trunk of your car. It's about knowing that life is going to throw a curveball and believing that the curve balls are always going to come when you least expect it. The key is the stay ready attitude embracing that part of life. Saying what can I do to get through to the other side. It's simply preparation for anything that comes your way.  Here are a few life & style #getready tips:

  1. Make a plan and tell it to someone who can hold you accountable

    • It’s one thing to fall short of your own expectations but a completely different thing to fall short of someone else's. Usually having a second party involved ups the ante and makes us think twice before breaking no standards and commitments we have set.

  2. Wake early and set periodic alarms

    • The early rise means a jump start on the day. Even pushing back your alarm 1 hour sometimes makes all the difference in a productive day. To keep yourself on task start set a 30-minute timer and see how much you can get done. Once the timer rings it'll pop you back into focus, letting you know hey I need to get it together.

  3. Set goals and break it down until you have a daily plan

    • Have a plan that you just can't seem to figure out how to get to it break it down? For example, if you want to write 100 Pages think about how many pages you can write a day. Even if it's one,  at the end of a month you're a third of the way there. So it's going to take you on average 3 months to get those hundred Pages. Need it in a short amount of time? Compress the time limit.

  4. Keep a record of your closet changes and inventory

    • At the end of every season look through your closet and see what you have worn the most and why.  Is it because of the seasons or is it because you just don't want to wear it anymore? Also be mindful of the new things you add to your wardrobe and how you incorporate it into your existing routine.  

  5. Have your Glam Bag locked and loaded

    • Make sure you're ready to go at any point in time with your own glam bag. Check out the latest podcast to create your own and never be caught as less than your best


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