Daily Self Love Checklist | Confidence & Self Love

I recently talked about “The gift” on my podcast, focusing on self-care. I believe your overall wellness will help improve every aspect of your life, including your style and confidence. That starts with a standard. So where do you begin? You begin small and build small consistently.

I created a short checklist called the G.E.M  checklist to keep those thoughts and sense of self-care up to a high standard. There are a few benefits of this, most importantly being always having a check in list to make sure that you are loving your best self in the best way,  the authentic way.

  • Create a checklist to help you keep yourself accountable

  • Refer to it as often as you need it

  • Recommended daily for at least 3 weeks then two to three times a week

So what are you waiting for? Grab your daily checklist and get yourself back on track.


I also delve deeper into self love and confidence building in the first of my 6 part training, The Stylista Blueprint. Grab your seat and let’s get the inner work done.


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