EGchronicles #001: Mama and Me

At this point in my life I am starting to embrace the wing-it of it all. Adulthood is stressful enough and I'm really at the space where I'm willing to let a little Randomness come into my well planned life. This meant that I woke up one day and decided I was going to take pictures for the next 3 days and I wanted my mom to come along with me for the ride. Although unlike me, my mother obliged My random last minute request.So it was settled I would take pictures for my blog and website and that would be that. So when she came over and she asked what were my plans, I had to be honest and tell her I did not know LOL.


Dress- Shein | Shoes- Ashley Stewart (Similar)

I embraced winging it so I didn't really have a plan I have enough clothes. I can make some outfits work.  I could create a theme around it. So the first day I decided let's take some pictures with dresses. At this point in my style journey, I'm really into experimenting, and I’m embracing that as a reflection of my life.. I picked four dresses and we walked out the door not knowing our destination or how we would style this photo shoot.

I decided to go to a new park and I thought yeah, this is going to work out. But embracing my “winging  it” came at a cost. I picked four dresses, but I didn't quite look at the weather forecast. Once my husband / photographer start clicking that button, I soon realized that the dresses I picked were a little hotter than I expected for a day that was also hotter than I expected. I was sweating and I was also starting to complain, but then I looked at my mom. She was smiling  at me as if I were winning a Grammy or something. I was simply taking pictures. Then it hit me-- my mom was just happy to see me happy; to see me try anything. And us just spending moments together that had no other rhyme or reason other than being in each other's presence. I realized deep down that's why I wanted her to come with me.


Dress- Shein | Shoes- Ashley Stewart (Similar)

I usually never ask her to come with me. Not because I don't like her presence. I always feel like she's busy and she wouldn't want to come. It was once I looked over at her I was going to wave my white flag in defeat that I realized this is a moment she is going to cherish. It's a moment that I cherish as well.


Honestly I haven't been close to home for a very long time ever since I was 18. I left home and it was at least six hours away. I've only lived close to my parents in the last 2 years and my mom has cherished every moment of it. Looking over at her I wanted to cherish the moment as well. So I pushed through. My usual planner,strict schedule self just functioned straight from emotion and my deepest desire was to be close to my mom. We got four looks the first day, two looks the second day and by the third day I was pretty much exhausted but my mom still came over and we decided to have a few laughs.

The winging it life is not a lifestyle I'm going to embrace , but I recognize the power in letting things just happen. That's when the most beautiful moment whether unexpected or expected show up .

This week do something a little unexpected and see what lessons you learn.


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