Egchronicles 004#: Checkout lane chic

I opened the fridge for breakfast and realize that there was nothing to have. Good. Grocery shopping day it is. I meal prep and I often cook shoes for last week 3 or 4 days at the time. It's for time management purposes and I hate cooking over a hot stove every day and the sweltering heat that Florida brings. So off to the grocery store.

I thought "oh nothing too serious to wear, it's just a grocery store." Then I stopped myself. If a client were to say that same thing to me, what would I say? I would address it and remind them that no matter where they're going, it's not about the destination; it's about the person that you're celebrating. So you celebrate you at all times.


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

I had to check myself and decided hey why not try something new. I picked up this great print shirt from SHEIN and knew immediately I had to style it ASAP. So I paired it with some bold red pants, polka dot shoes and walked out the door. It just so happened that my mom was outside waiting on my brother. Of course, I go to her car and the first thing she asked me is the same thing most people, including family, ask-- "Where are you going? You're dressed so nicely." I think they would expect this from me, but it never ceases to happen every single time I get dressed. I respond "to the grocery store" to which my mom responds "of course" before she giggles. The conversation struck a nerve.

Most people believe that you put in effort only when there is a special occasion. I am the special occasion, therefore, I'm always worth dressing for. I don't dress up. I simply get dressed. I don't care if I'm going to the grocery store or to the Met Gala. I'm going to step outside my absolute best even at the gym. Not anything outlandish but something well put together to celebrate me and my body where it is. Not the body that could be. Not where the body used to be. Where it is now. There isn't a grocery trip, birthday party or any event that doesn't get me there at my absolute best dressed. Now to turn this pasta aisle into a runway............


Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

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