Emerald Chronicles : It ain't perfect, but it's done

Today was a day for the books. Full of adjustments and obstacles, my stubborn perseverance shown through. After not taking pictures for almost half of this year (did you notice?) I wanted to dive back in head first. I planned to go a town or two over and take a few hours for pretty pics. But you what they say about making plans…..


Dress: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: Rainbows (Similar)

My photographer (aka my husband ) and I got a late start and had an unexpected detour to help my dad. Afterwards we just didn’t feel up to traveling. So my perfect plan was a dud. But that stubborn perseverance said let’s make due. I told hubby, hop in the car and let’s drive.

We went to our small town’s “downtown” which consists of a few prime locations we didn’t realize was there. We were tired and it was hot, but guess what? Pretty pics would be had. And they were. Even through the heat. And the unexpected traffic caused by a 3 back to back trains rolling through. And my profuse sweating. The circumstances wasn’t perfect, but the pictures were done.


Dress: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: Rainbows (Similar)

And that’s what mattered most—Knowing that waiting for perfect means you’re always waiting. Because Perfectionism is organized procrastination. Get it done and fix later. Or don’t.

What will you finally get done that you wanted perfect? Let me know in the comments?


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