How to avoid the most common style mistakes | Style Advice

Stylish means you have an idea of who you are and what you want to say. But it doesn't mean hiccups in your style journey. Many of us have those tumbles every now and then. Let’s work to see how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Focusing on the familiar and not any of the new or unused

  • It's great that you have found things that work for you, but part of style is expressing the journey that you have not only of your life but your personality.  Who you were five years ago usually isn't exactly the person that you are now. That's okay. You need a closet to reflect that . Introduce the new gradually. So you have new standards that are constantly evolving.  Tried-and-true will always be there. Introducing something new every once in a while works well.

Ignoring the golden ratio in fashion

  • The Golden ratio and your body are best described as follows: Think of your body in thirds as opposed to halves. Viewing  your body in thirds allows you to master the art of proportion without even having to try. From your head to your waist is a third; from your waist to your feet is 2/3.  Another great proportion to think of is ⅗. 3/5 of your body is from your waist to your feet. ⅖ of your body is from your waist to your head. Dressing up according to these ratios will significantly improve the fit and function of your clothes.

Not being consistent with your own style

  • Getting dressed is an everyday task you have no choice but to do. But are you present? Sometimes it's easier just to grab and go, not thinking about the decision. But no decision still is a decision. Think about what you are wearing every single day and what that conveys about your personality. It will continue to make all the difference in everything that you do.


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