How to build a "grown woman" style | Style Advice

Now that I am entering the last years of my 20s marching into my 30s,  it has been a full-on time of reflection. And I know I'm not alone. Many of my friends older than me now in their thirties and my age have gone through the same quarter-life existential crisis in all areas of life.  Clothing & image is no exception.

I found myself too old to still primarily shop at somewhere like Forever 21 ,  but too young to shop at the stores that made me feel matronly. How can I find a wardrobe and clothing that reflected my transitioning into what I like to call “real grown”  style instead of play play grown? It seemed like I was stuck in the middle somewhere and I know I'm not alone in this. So how do you get a wardrobe that's grown woman without being too over-the-top while still embracing you're going into a different part of your youth? It seems like I’m talking in circles just trying to explain it. Lol.  I do have a few simple, but effective tips that will help you navigate this transitional part of your life.

Change your normal go to

The simplest way to change where you normally shop.  There are so many places online and offline since you were in your late teens / early twenties.  The possibilities are the truly endless. Break out of your comfort shell and try at least 1-2 new places a month. Even if it's window shopping or browsing just put yourself out there.  Search on Google. Ask people on your social media where they shop or the best new places that they have found. You'll be surprised at what answer is you get.

Bump up your quality game

I have found my “grown woman style”  by stopping shopping fast fashion frivolously and investing and more quality pieces. So much of my twenties was experimenting with clothes , jumping on Trends and kind of figuring out what works and what doesn't work.  Now that I have clear style, I want to represent it clearly with my clothing. I didn't quite have that as a younger woman, but now I know what I want. Investing in those pieces is imperative. Yes, I still like trends but now is the time to start investing ensuring that I stick to what I like instead of sticking to what the trend of the year is key.

Purge those young 20s from your closet

Pull out all of your clothes and look through each piece.  Ask yourself if each piece is representative of who you are now or the you  at 20? 22? Make sure that you start setting a standard for the clothes that you wear. Always checking in to make sure it's a true representation of where you are or where you are going, not where you have been. The younger you taught you all the lessons that you needed to build this Foundation . Embrace that fully with an image and a set of clothing built on confidence that you know is founded on knowing who you are.

Those are just three ways that I have found myself on the other side of the 20 to 30-year-old transition. There is a lot of life that happened in the eight years I've spent in my twenties. The last two years are definitely transitional times that I appreciate much more, having a strong sense of who I am on behalf of my earlier 20s. Whether it's the 30s- 40s , 40s, and 50s,  or 50s 60s and beyond, understanding that each transition is just an opportunity for you to get clear about who you are and the standards you have for yourself. Embrace that and get a better dressed you in the process.


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