How to create more outfits with less clothes | Style Tips

Having a small closet and even smaller collection of pieces to choose from, getting dressed can seem redundant. But there is a solution — maximize the small by treating it like a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of 5-30 pieces that are worn in different combinations. I have taken as little as 6 pieces and created over 15 looks using this technique. Today I’ll share my best kept secrets for making the most out of a little.

  1. Cover the basics

Don’t sleep on the simple piece in your wardrobe. A white tee/black blazer/ jeans still go a long way. Change the color of the tee or try a scarf over it to create a new look each time. Push yourself to wear at 2 looks this week made of at least three basics. Don’t wear that green pencil skirt with the same shirt every time. Try wearing it with a different shirt without repeating until you’ve gone through them all with the green skirt. A tee dresses it down and a blouse dresses it up. Throw on some sneakers or stilettos depending on your mood and voila! You’ll have at least 5 more outfit ideas you’ve never tried.

2. Layer everything no matter the season.

Don’t let that summer maxi dress collect dust , just because colder weather has come. Put a turtle neck underneath. Pair it with some tights and booties to get more milage out of that flowy dress. Tie it in a knot and layer it again over a skirt or some slacks. Don’t let the season dictate what part of your closet to use.

3. Accessorize

Remember that simple tee/blazer jeans combo I mentioned earlier? Try out different accessory combos each time. So try a scarf and bangles first. Then wear the scarf as a head wrap and try some statement earring s the second time. A waist belt and necklace can create a different third look. Make fun to wear and see if you don’t find a new way to wear your favorite pieces.