How to look Luxe on any budget | Style Tips

Having the luxe look is made to seem unattainable without shelling out for $$$$ per piece. Luxe style is informed style, so anyone can have it. I’ve turned $2 dresses into red carpet worthy looks. It just takes some confidence and flexing your style muscle. Try my top 3 tips and turn into the queen of luxe in no time.

  1. Invest in tailoring

Any stylista worth her glam will constantly look for the finishing touches at the tailor. Buying the piece off the rack is just the starting point. How you buy it is NOT how you have to wear it. You have a custom made body. That means you require a custom made wardrobe that fits your unique body. If you’re petite, take those extra long pants into a local tailor or dry cleaners for a quick hem. Found a vintage dress with ugly sleeves? Turn it into a sleeveless tunic or top. The little snips here and there make all the difference.

2. Master wearing your white tops

White tops are so classic and universal. A crisp white blouse and a well fitted pair of jeans go a long way style wise with the right accessories. Having style is all about having versatility and creativity. If you can style that white top at least 10 different ways, you’ll never run out of interesting things to wear. Wear it under a summer maxi or over a tank top. Just don’t get caught up in “what’s right to wear” that you never get to what’s fun to wear.

3. Know your top 3 colors and stick to it.

Having your own go to color palette helps you set the tone for your own brand of fab like Coco Chanel in a little black dress. Find your undertones and see what shade of your favorite color works best with your preferences and your skin tone. I have cool undertones, so jewel toned blues and reds make my skin pop. If you want a simple color palette to start with white, your favorite color and black/gray. Add another splash of another color once you’ve mastered the first and color block until the cows come home.

4. Purge your closet until only the luxe remains.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the fabulous because yo have so many pieces you don’t or can’t wear. Purging your closet allows you to see past buying mistakes, understand what you really like. It will also be able to tell you what you really like because you kept it. The process can be overwhelming, but you know your style BFF wouldn’t leave you hanging. My wardrobe detox helps you clarify your closet while finding the luxe in your wardrobe you look forward to wearing everyday. Sign up here and get the luxe look in no time.

Never settle for anything less than the luxe look everyday. Utilizing any of these tips will ensure stylista status in no time. Which will you try first? Leave your choice below. Are you willing to purge your closet and start over to find your true style? Sign up for a wardrobe detox and find the luxe already in your closet.


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