How to master modestwear | Style Tips

This conversation is long overdue. And it’s partly my fault. For as long as I can remember I have been scared to use the word modest. Especially when it came to clothing. I shied away from the word because I knew I was guilty as everyone else.  There were only a couple of images that popped into my head once I heard the word modest wear. And in my defense, the only time that I did hear it growing up was to convey these ugly, dated fashions tied to particular religious beliefs. So it was no wonder that once I became an adult even though I dressed more modestly that I didn't identify with the term. I say all that to say I was wrong. Period. I'm in a space now where I'm okay with admitting that I'm wrong and okay with redefining words to have better connotations for myself and how I use them.

I embrace a more modest way of style. And it's not to say that I am advising it for all my clients or even you reading this right now. It just simply means that I am admitting that I love to dress modestly. And if you look back at my blog, for the most part, I always have. I rarely show my knees I usually have something even if it's form-fitting that it's longer I rarely let my arms out I always have on foundational wear and layers. It's just always been present. Now that I'm recognizing it,  I'm embracing it more within myself . Modest wear has become a big part of the fashion industry more than it has even in the last 5 to 10 years. So if you are leaning more towards modest wear or even dressing more, let's break this down together of how to master the art of modest wear.

Layer like a pro

The one constant that I see with so many modest wear bloggers is mastering the art of layering in a way that I don't see other places. The modest wear community will layer dresses on top of skirts on top of pants and however they want to configure their clothing. It's not in a way where it's too much or Humpty Dumpty. It’s masterfully and Tastefully done. To be able to know that a dress is a layering piece is such an eye-opening experience.  Making it apparent that any and everything in your closet is a layering component allows you to see your clothes in a different light. I implore you to please try this approach even for a week. What's the worst that can happen?

Master the Maxi

When all else fails it's about the maxi. Both dress and skirt. Think about the ways that you can combine a maxi dress or skirt. Within your layering it's an all-in-one type of deal. You put on a simple top with maxi skirt and it still moves like a dress.  You can put on a cardigan or vest and it's always going to be a pulled together look without having to try. Isn't that the entire point of all of this?

All in the application

The most important part of modest where is simply knowing that it's not the piece that has to be modest it's just the application. So that means you can shop anywhere. You can shop for that mini skirt or that spaghetti strap shirt, it's just the application. The miniskirt can easily go over a pair of tights or pants. The spaghetti strap dress can go over another shirt. The off-the-shoulder top can be put on top of a blouse. Again it goes back to that main principle of layering.  It is just about simply and strategically placing clothes on your body in ways that don't show as much skin. That's it.

So the next time you think modest is a word to represent antiquated or dated fashion ideas, check yourself. It's nothing of the sort. It's simply a way of opening your eyes to the creativity and possibility of dressing and layering in different ways. How will you incorporate a little modest wear in the way that you dress?


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