Plus Size Lookbook| 3 Ways 2 Slay | 3W2S: Print blouse feat. SHEIN

When I first purchased this shirt from Shein, I knew I had to style it a few different ways. It's so quirky that it inspires me to just try things. It was the perfect choice for three ways to slay in my mind.

Shirt: SHEIN | Pants: SHEIN

The first look is something that I consider bold on bold. Now bold means different things to different people. But to me bold means the unapologetic assertion of a choice. I looked into what I could do to make the colors pop without being too busy. Sometimes a look can be unfocused without visual anchors. I opted for solid color "anchor". I love that this look accentuates my waist without being tight. Often people think that accentuating something means having floodlights and big and neon arrows pointing to it. It doesn't. It's acknowledging that it's there with proportions and the cut of different fabrics. This look does that simply but effectively. To contrast all the beautiful colors, I decided on a vibrant fire truck red pant. Together it was a no-brainer. I have a new go-to look.

Shirt: SHEIN | Skirt: SHEIN

The second look to me was something that had to be done. This shirt screams mixed print look. I opted for highlighting one of the minor colors within the pattern. It just so happened to be black. So I thought why not pair it with a simple pattern based in black. That's where the skirt comes in. It's a simple addition that works with a quirky shirt. What I like about this look is that it is not the most form-fitting outfit, but it still is flattering. I combined opposing things. Loose shirt, fitted skirts; bold print, minimal print. The pairing of opposites made the look come together.

Shirt: SHEIN | Jumpsuit: RAINBOWS (similiar)

I think the power of this third look is that it seems as though these two don't go till they do. I love that the deep color and the textured fabric doesn't take away from the print or try to compete. It does, however, have a standout power of its own. I love to layer a jumpsuit underneath or above a shirt. You don't have to pair jumpsuits with dusters or coats. like anything else in my closet, it must be adaptable. And with this beautiful piece, it is definitely possible. The best things about each piece compliment the opposite in the other. That deep rich velvet makes each of those colors pop. Those colors in that fabric bring out the texture of that velvet within the jumpsuit. It's like peanut butter and jelly pairing. It just works.

Which look was your favorite? Let me know because Iā€™m honestly stuck on choosing my fave.