Secrets of a stylish woman | Style Tips

Stylish is as stylish does. And yet so many women have questions about how to build keep and maintain their sense of style. I have found many of them hold the same principles and ideas true to not only their closet but to their lives let's break down the most common characteristics.

Tailoring is non-negotiable

  • You are custom made.  So should the feel, look and fit of your clothing.  That will never be a negotiable.

Accessories can be ornamental or fundamental

  • You can use accessories as the inspiration to create a look around or you can use accessories as the pivot point to adding a splash of wow to a basic or not so basic ensemble

A well-supported frame is A well-dressed one

  • Foundational wear of any kind will allow your clothing to lay flat without budging and bulking up. Even if it's a slip or a pair of tights, a little goes a long way

If it doesn't work one way, it will another way

  • You always know the fun is in trying to find the new and the unexpected

Basics ensure you always have options

  • You know basics are foundational. You can build with them or upon them as you please. You never run out of options as long as you know to mix and match

Less is more and more is more depending on the day

  • You're not beholden to so many different rules regulations. You are held to what you feel like that day and what part of your personality you want to show.  Style is what you make it. Sometimes you want to accessorize a lot, sometimes a little. Sometimes you want to go bold and sometimes you just want understated; whatever it is, is uniquely you


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