Series | 10 Websites for the Plus Size Stylista | Vol.1: Shoes

The complaint from many of the plus size women I speak with are the same-- There is no place to shop for the plus-size woman. Not only is that not true, that is completely untrue. The true problem is that many plus size women don't like to shop online. But here's a secret: Every place that you could think catering to plus-size women are primarily online.

Gone are the days of the brick-and-mortar experience being the only way to find pieces that fit your taste and your personal style. I talked about the benefits of shopping online in a previous article. The gist of it all was that you get to shop in your pajamas, better return policies and more options than you can ever find in your local mall or shopping center. Not everyone lives in a big town and not everyone has access to these big stores. Many plus-size sections are not even in stores and or are relegated to a corner with selections that are the 10 seasons old. You don't have to settle. You do have to accept that many of your options are online. So what better way to show you then to share a few of the hundred websites that I have found in my time styling plus size women. Today we start with shoes size 10+. I share 10 of my favorite finds below. 

  1. Long Tall Sally

  • Sizes 4-20

  • Great for finding special sized shoes

  • For the tall stylista

  • Up to size 15 in shoes 

What I love about this site is that it offers more than the everyday shoe. No longer are you relegated to only blacks and browns. You have the option of different patterns, textures and styles of shoe that everyone can wear up to a size 15. They have revamped their pricing system, options, and check out process making it easier and a better experience for everyone. 

2. Crispin shoes ($$$-$$$$$)

  • Luxury footwear for larger feet

  • Sizes 10-13.5 shoes

  • For the stylista who wants some spice in her footwear

  • London based

3. Sinful Dreamz Shoes

  • Sexy heels and boots for the stylista who wants some fun

  • Heels from 3”-8” +

  • Goes up to Size 16 shoes

These are no ordinary shoes. These shoes are sky-high. Most of them are patent leather. They are not for the faint of heart (or ankle). What size is going up to 16, you can be sure to find your favorite shoe.

4. Staavias ($$$)

  • Quirky, funky  shoes for larger feet

  • Size 10- 14

  • Payment plans available 

  • Review on most products from other customers

5. Eileen Fischer

  • Great for the minimal fashionista who likes black and looser fits

  • Size 0-24 W

  • Also sells shoes up to 12 and accessories

6. Shoe Mall ($$)

  • Up to Size 15 shoes 

  • Free shipping

7. Samanta Shoes ($$)

  • Up to size 15

  • Free shipping in US

8. Lonia Shoes ($$-$$$)

  • Sign up and receive 25% off

  • Up to size 15

This is the source for the Divas shoe. They have bold colors, multiple styles and anything else to fit your fabulous needs. What I love most about this site is not only the sizing, but also the variety of styles. They make sure that size is not an indicator of options. 

9. J. Renee ($$-$$$)

  • Up to size 15

  • Sign up and receive 25%

10. Elanor Anukam ($$-$$$)

  • Luxury footwear

  • Up to size 13

These are just 10 of the 25 websites in volume one of my website series. You can grab your copy here and get more fabulous places to shop. Let me know what type of websites you want me to share. Volume 2 is already underway.


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