Winter Lookbook feat. Shein | 3 Ways to Slay

Winter is in full effect, and so is my style. Another 3 ways to slay installment is overdue and I'm excited to start layering like a boss. This is the season that tests all the styling tools in your arsenal. Sometimes you get in a style rut and just start wearing the same thing over and over again. It happens to everyone. I like to window shop to keep my inspiration fresh. I also like to see how other people style themselves because we can al learn from one another. This 3 ways to slay installment came when I realized that I had not seen a lot of people style  maxi items. It was trickier than I had anticipated.

You're covered from head to toe and the usual leg real estate is already covered. You don't want to add on too much bulk and run the risk of feeling constricted. But it is winter and you do need layers for warmth. Before I started to freak out, I took a step back and realized that I needed to take my own advice.I stopped thinking too hard and went back to basics. Add on my foundational thermals and style as usual. Voila!

 If you need some styling inspiration, keep scrolling. Pics and buying links will be included.


Dress- SHEIN | Jacket - THRIFTED | Boots - SAMS CLUB (NLA) | Head Scarf - THRIFTED |


The minimal maxi dress is divine. I chose to keep it simple by adding a pop of color with my blazer. To add an extra level of chic, I turned a small infinity scarf into a headband. It will also keep my ears toasty. 




Top- SHEIN | Skirt - OLD NAVY | Knit Scarf - TARGET (Similar)


This maxi dress is perfect for a cute casual look. I wanted to incorporate classic and trendy styles, so I  opted for a striped off the shoulder top. Olive and blue is a classic color combo, so I added a neutral scarf so I won't take away form the whole ensemble. 


Dress- SHEIN | Jacket- NORDSTROM (NLA) | Shoes - DSW |


I hate the style rule that prohibits the gold/silver pairing. I think this cool toned grey is perfectly styles with gold accents. You can also choose to a slender gold necklace or a pair of gold hoops. 




Ciao for Now,