Why having a Winter Uniform is your best Style Move | Style Advice

Winter is THE season for layering. I  know I have been harping on the subject of layering, but for good reason. The snow has already fallen abundantly in Chicago, even though it's still technically fall. I go instantly in style auto pilot by referring to my style uniforms. These are simply clothing combos that I can depend on keeping me warm and stylish all winter.

I refer to these uniforms for a few reasons.

It does the work for me on days that I decide to choose my warm bed over my alarm. I avoid the cold as much as possible. So if I'm running late, I can still ensure that I never look like it. 


It allows me to use my entire wardrobe all year. Many people put away sleeveless wear and short pieces. Uniforms utilizes these pieces into the layering so that your shorter skirts don't collect dust until spring. 


So a style uniform is a must if you want to simplify your morning routine. My faves?

  • Turtleneck +leggings + dress

  • Sweater + tights + skirt

  • Shirt + bottom + duster/vest


Do you already have a winter uniform? If not, which one of my faves pique your interests? Let me know in the comments.


Ciao for Now,